2012 TD Bank 250 Race Procedures


NOTICE: All cars that qualify for the TD Bank 250 must have a spotter in radio communication with the driver. All spotters must sit in the spotter’s section right in front of race control.

Roll call will be taken and drivers without a spotter present will not start the feature.

Tire Policy 

Each car will be allowed to buy up to 8 tires to compete in all qualifying races and the TD Bank 250. Tires will be on sale on Saturday, July 21, but tires purchased on Saturday will remain impounded until Sunday morning, July 22. Tires will also be on sale on Sunday, July 22. All 8 tires DO NOT have to be bought at one time. Teams can purchase less than 8 tires and if they make it into the TD Bank 250, buy additional tires up to a maximum of 8 total race tires. 

Practice tires will also be available on July 21 and July 22. 

The purpose of this tire policy is to make the event as affordable as possible for race teams. 

Qualifying Procedure 


There will be six 15 lap qualifying heats.  The top four finishing cars in each heat will qualify for the TD Bank 250. 

Consolation Races 

There will be three 20 lap consolation races.  The top three finishing cars in each consolation race will qualify for the TD Bank 250. 

Last Chance Races 

There will be three 20 lap last chance races.  The winner of each last chance race will qualify for the TD Bank 250. 

Provisional Starters 

There will be two guaranteed provisional starting positions.  The first will go to the non-qualified competitor that is currently highest in the OPS Late Model Point Standings and has competed in all the OPS Late Model points races in 2012.  In order to receive this provisional, the competitor must make every attempt to qualify through the heat, consolation race, and last chance race. 

The second provisional starting position with go to the most recent non-qualified TD Bank 250 Champion. 

Additional starters may be added at the discretion of OPS. 

Race Procedures 

The TD Bank 250 will consist of 250 green flag laps.  Under caution cars may enter the pits when the pits are opened.  UNDER CAUTION, CARS IN THE PIT WILL NOT LOSE A LAP.  Cars that enter the pit when it is closed, will go to the back of the field, behind all cars, including those that pitted after them.

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