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Route 26, Oxford, ME  Phone: (207) 539-8865 
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SATURDAY, JUNE 19th, 2021

Spencer Paving Group Super Late Models (50 laps): 1.53 Alan Wilson, Hebron, 2. 23 Dave Farrington Jr., Sabattus, 3. 7g Curtis Gerry, Waterboro, 4. 24 Mike Rowe, Turner, 5.02 Brian Whalley, Nashua NH, 6. 47m Kelly Moore, Scarbrough, 7. 60b Tim Brackett, Buckfield, 8. 03 Scott Moore, Anson, 9. 94 Shawn Martin, Turner, 10. 12 Dennis Spencer Jr., Oxford, 11. 00 Jeremie Whorff, 12. 8 Calvin Rose Jr., Turner, 13. 29L Ryan Littlefield, 14. 20 Richie Brown, Wentworth, NH, 15. 66 David Getchell, Cornville, 16. 63 Kyle Salemi, Nashue, NH, 17. 1 Kyle Desouza, Turner
Wilson Captures First OPS Win in 6 Years
Veteran driver Alan Wilson of Hebron finally broke his dry spell winning his first Super Late Model race at Oxford Plains Speedway since 2015.

Dale Durgin of Norway took home his first career win in the Aroma Joe's Figure 8s. Larry Lizotte took the early lead and led until getting stuck to Mark Turner on lap 12 bringing out a caution. Dale Durgin took the lead on the restart and led the rest of the 15 lap feature. Mark Turner of Norway finished in 2nd with Dale Lawrence of Minot picking up 3rd place.

Jeremy Turner of Norway won his 3rd ATA Piping Inc Rookies feature of the season. Turner took the early lead and led all 15 laps. Maddy Herrick of Otisfield and Cody Macomber of Greene finished 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Luke Mowatt of Turner picked up his 4th Cooley's Commercial Tires Bandits feature of the season tying with his brother Alex for wins this season. Jeremy Farrar took the early lead with Luke and Alex Mowatt both creeping up the outside. Luke took the lead on lap 4 and led the rest of the 20 lap feature. Alex fell in behind him and chased him down the rest of the race but just couldn't get around him. Alex Mowatt of Norway finished 2nd with Chad Wills of Oxford finishing behind him in 3rd place.

Jordan Russell of Norway won his 5th Limited Late Model feature of the season after leading all 25 laps. Richard Spaulding of Lisbon took home 2nd with Skip Tripp of Oxford picking up 3rd place.

Alan Wilson and Kyle Desouza battled for the lead at the start of the SLM feature before Wilson pulled away. Desouza still wasn't far behind but unfortunately blew something on lap 5 ending his night and bringing out a caution due to oil on the track. After a thorough clean up Wilson kept the lead on the restart and led the rest of the 50 lap feature. Dave Farrington Jr of Sabattus and Curtis Gerry of Waterboro made their way through the field to finish 2nd and 3rd respectively. Wilson is definitely a local fan favorite at Oxford. Everyone was ecstatic to see him in the winner circle again.

The Oxford Championship Series continues Saturday, June 26th at 7pm.
Limited Late Models (25 laps): 1. 4 Jordan Russell, Norway, 2. 36 Richard Spaulding, Lisbon, 3. 21 Skip Tripp, Oxford, 4.07 Rick Thompson, Casco
Cooley's Commercial Tires Bandits (20 laps): 1. 22 Luke Mowatt, Norway, 2. 11 Alex Mowatt, Norway, 3. 3 Chad Wills, Oxford, 4. 53 Nick Wilson, Hebron, 5. 44 Jeff Libby, 6. 1 Jeremy Farrar, 7. 42 Josh Lovell, Oxford, 8. 21 Ralph Green, Auburn, 9. 52 Keegan Leighton, 10. 148 Don Smith, Oxford, 11. 53x Spencer Moore
ATA Piping Inc Rookies (15 laps): 1. 09 Jeremy Turner, Norway, 2. 95 Maddy Herrick, Otisfield, 3. 4 Cody Macomber, Greene, 4. 2 Keyra Robertson, Greene, 5. 8 Cayleigh Rose, Turner, 6. 58 Liz Newton, Bridgton
Aroma Joe's Figure 8s (15 laps): 1. 64 Dale Durgin, Norway, 2. 4 Mark Turner, Norway, 3. 2 Dale Lawrence, 4. 41 Greg Durgin, Norway, 5. 00 Larry Lizotte, Poland, 6. 97 Eric Hodgkins, Winthrop, 7. 19 Jeffery Heaward, 8. 10 Terry Kirk