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Route 26, Oxford, ME  Phone: (207) 539-8865 
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Street Stock is strictly action, strictly two-and-three-wide racing, and strictly fun. Think of this division as a retirement home for the 1980s Chevrolet Monte Carlos and Buick Regals. There is nothing shy and retiring about the caliber of racing, however.

The words “stock” and “must” appear frequently in the Street Stock rulebook, a hint at the intention of keeping the overall costs down and keeping the playing field level. The Street machines have evolved slightly since they were introduced as the Daredevil division in 1992. Still, it is a place where a raw rookie may bypass the Wednesday night Summer Racing Series and not feel too overwhelmed in Week 1.

In recent years, the trend in the Street Stock division is for drivers who previously ventured into higher racing divisions to cycle back down and return to their roots. Mike Short, Kurt Hewins, Ron Charpentier Jr., Tommy Tompkins, Jeff Moon and Zach Emerson are a few prime examples. “I wanted to have fun again,” is a common line heard among that highly competitive set.

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