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Route 26, Oxford, ME  Phone: (207) 539-8865 
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Tire Information

Pro Late Model New Competitor Technical Update

Effective immediately, any new teams (drivers) entering their first event of competition are required to record a minimum of 40 laps at competition speed in practice on original set of registered race event tires under OPS official supervision before race competition is permitted. In the interest of parity, the disallowance of a competitive edge of a new competitor having new tires is warranted.

Tire Policy for Pro Late Model, Street Stock, and Outlaw Sportsman

Teams are permitted the purchase of up to 6 (six) registered tires for first event. 4 (four) must be used on opening day and remaining 2 (two) may be utilized as spares or cut replace as permitted by head technical official.

Tire limit of 1 (one) new tire per event (excluding extra distance events). New tire must be used in feature event competition on the night of purchase.

For extra distance events, teams will be permitted the purchase of 2 (two) tires. All cars in competition are required to utilize 3 (three) tires from previous event in following week's feature event along with new tire for current event.

All race tires must be utilized by registered team that purchased them. Cut tire replacement is at the discretion of technical director. Tire must be cut during competition. Notification and cut tire must be presented to technical director immediately following event for consideration. Cuts may be replaced by one of the two "extra" tires purchased from opening event or by a tire that has been removed from rotation.

Top 5 teams from Pro Late Model, Street Stock, Mini Stock, and Outlaw Sportsman will be subject to impound. Top 5 finishers in all divisions will be mandated to turn their race tires in at tire trailer within 15 (fifteen) minutes of completion of event. Other finishing positions may be required to impound randomly at the request of technical director. In such case, team will be notified and be required to impound their tires respectively. Any team that fails to turn in their tires may be subject to disqualification and/or other penalties.

Registered tires must be utilized during qualifying as well as feature event competition.

All tires are subject to inspection at the request of technical director.

No chemical treating of tires permitted. Any alteration of tire discovered will result in immediate disqualification and further penalties and fines. All decisions by Oxford Plains Technical Director are final and without dispute.

Modification, tampering, or defacing of any identification or marking of tires is NOT permitted. Any team determined to have attempted to alter tire identification in any manner will be disqualified.

Any competitor who, during an event, uses or is in possession of 1 (one) or more tires that have been altered externally or internally (on or off car) by unauthorized treatment is subject to a fine of not less than $500.00 and disqualification, and/or disallowance of qualifying efforts, and/or withdrawal of the opportunity to qualify for the event, and/or suspension from future OPS events, and/or additional penalties.

Any team found with any tire softener, conditioner, or any substance used to treat tires, in their possession (including trailers and haulers) during any event will be disqualified from the event. Additional fines and/or penalties may be imposed including, but not limited to, suspension from future events.