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(All rule updates can be found in each division's full rule book section. This page is only a condensed version showing the updated sections).


6-1.2 Eligible Models approved for Competition
Any hardtop, sedan, of lift-back from 1975 to 2005 with a wheel base of 87 inches to 103 inches inclusive. No Sports Car, rear or mid-mount engine models, 4-Wheel drive, or 1977 and 1978 Chevrolet Cosworth Vega models permitted. Two door Pontiac Grand Am permitted.

All other models must be approved for competition by the Oxford Plains Speedway Technical Director.

6-2.1 Car Bodies
a. Cars must be neat appearing. Exterior panels must remain as manufactured, except for roll bar, tire and wheel installation. Any factory sheet metal interior reinforcements may be removed.

b. Original dimensions of all bodies must remain as manufactured from factory.

c. All cars must have complete steel bodies, stock to all measurements. Roof, pillars, hood and trunk lids must remain factory panels. Side panels may be fabricated. Minimum 20 gauge steel panels. All panels that are not factory must retain all factory dimensions and appearance.

d. Full windshield must be used. Lexan type replacement may be used. Lexan type rear window may be used. Rear quarter panel windows may be used with Lexan. All windows must be of clear lexan only.

e. Bodies must match chassis utilized.

f. Rear spoiler permitted. Must be mounted and centered on the rear edge of the rear deck lid. Maximum surface dimensions of 54 inches wide and 5 inches in height. No side boxing permitted. Top of spoiler no more than 5” higher than the base of the rear window.

g. No part of the body may be less than 5 (five) inches from the ground surface.  


Only four cylinder engines, stock for year, make and model will be permitted. Maximum engine CC is 2.5 liters. Ford Maximum engine CC is 2.3 liters. No V-4 or air cooled engines permitted. No rotary valve engines permitted. No interchanging of 16 valve heads with non-matching engines or chassis permitted. Any engine MUST be available as standard stock production for year, make and model used. Special limited production option engines are NOT permitted. 16 valve head engines are permitted, all engine specifications must remain O.E.M. factory produced for matching make, model and year car used. No interchanging of multiple year or model options permitted. All cars utilizing 16 valve engines may compete with an additional 100 pound weight total.

6-13.1 Roll Bars
Chassis is to remain a factory production O.E.M. chassis ONLY. Full Tube chassis is NOT permitted.

A four point roll cage made of round steel DOM or seamless 1-3/4 inch .095 wall thickness roll bars are mandatory. The roll cage shall consist of 4 (four) vertical upright bars connected at the top on all sides. A "X" member must support the rear vertical uprights. 3 (three) horizontal bars are required on the left side door area and 2 (two) on the right side. (These are minimum numbers). A bar at dash height across the front uprights is recommended. Any car that is constructed of a smaller tubing main cage structure will be subject to a 50 pound overall weight addition total (minimum tubing size permitted with weight penalty will be 1-1/2 inch O.D. .095 thickness). A "Front Hoop" may be used. Bars may be mounted to the rear edge of the top halo and extend to a point forward of the center line of the rear end. On uni-body a plate or other approved method must be used to mount to the cage to the body. Roll cage must run the full width of the frame, rocker panel to rocker panel.

Roll cage material is subject to sonic testing or inspection hole testing for compliance with the rules. A tester for analysis of Roll cage strength may be used repeatedly.

Excessive tubing structure reinforcement will be subject to weight penalty at the discression of the technical director.

Driver door must have a plate with minimum of 16 gauge metal between door bars and body on driver’s side only. 16 gauge metal may be welded in between door bars and door bar connectors on driver’s side only.


5-9.5 Wheels
Stock, white-spoke or standard weight aftermarket steel wheels with a maximum width of 7 (seven) inches required. Either 15 or 16 inch wheels may be used, but must be same size on both sides. Wheel nut size is optional. Right side wheel nuts must be one hex wheel nuts. All wheels must be same size. Minimum off set measured from backside wheel bead to back of the wheel center will be 2” inches. No spacers allowed. No light wheels allowed. NOTE Exception to non allowance of wheel spacer: GM G body metric chassis cars are permitted up to a maximum 1/2" inch wheel spacer per wheel. Spacers, if utilized, must be equally front to rear as well as side to side. Spacer may be constructed of steel or aluminum.

5-10.3 Front Suspension Components
All front suspension components must be stock for make and model used. Left A frame to be used on left side only, right A frame to be used on right side only. Neoprene control arm bushings that are stock exact replacement fit are permitted. Steel spring pocket spring adjusters are permitted. Modifications to frame for access are NOT permitted. Note: Ball joints must remain O.E.M. factory replacement only, but are not restricted to year, make and model matching. Ball joints must be in stock location with NO modifications to control arms for installation permitted.


2-1 Car Weights
All cars weights listed are race ready with driver, full of fuel, oil and water before race. Maximum left side weight percentage for ALL cars will be 57% before, during and after event with NO allowances in any form.

All weights are based off ABC body and perimeter chassis.

2700 lbs:
GM #88958603 603 (ZZ4) crate engine (Engine option #1)
GM #88958604 Fast Burn crate engine (Engine option #3)
Steel Head Restricted engine (Engine option #5)

2725 lbs:
GM #88958603 603 (ZZ4) crate cam change (Engine option #2)
GM #88958604 Fast Burn crate cam change (Engine option #4)
Steel Head Engine (Engine option #6)

Added Engine weight options. Amount listed is per option utilized.
Add 25 lbs: 5.5 inch clutch / Engine set back up to 2 inch / Dry sump engine oiling.
Deduct 50 lbs: AR Bodies Muscle car Camaro or Mustang body use.

14-7 Rear End
a. Any rear end center section with steel spur gears will be permitted but
must not use any electronic devices.

b. Full floating rear axles/Hubs are compulsory.

c. Only Spool differentials are permitted.
The use of any differential will be permitted as long as it is locked SOLID with the use of either a lock up "plug" or extended axle that renders the axle assembly locked.

d. Differential oil coolers are permitted.

f. Cambered rear axle housings are not permitted.

g. Only Solid drive plates may be used.

h. All running gear drainage plugs must be safety wired.

i. No titanium parts allowed.

17-2 Springs
All front springs must be minimum 5 inches diameter, if not running coil over, and must be made of steel. Rear spring size is optional. Magnet must stick to spring. Coil over design permitted. Spring rubbers are permitted.


9-18. Tires must be DOT type radial, same size, same number. Tires may be 65 series or numerically higher no 60 series allowed.

No racing wheels permitted. Steel wheels ONLY. Stock or aftermarket permitted. One inch lug nuts permitted. Offset may not exceed1/2 inch of wheel width bead to bead (i.e. Seven inch wheel must be 3 3/8 inches maximum offset measured from the front or back). Seven inch maximum wheel width.