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Route 26, Oxford, ME  Phone: (207) 539-8865 
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4/6 Cylinder Enduro, Spectator Drags,
Flag Pole Race, & Smokey Donut Competition
Outlaws, Rebels,
Trucks, Ladies,
Cruisers, &
4 Cyl. Figure 8s
Dana Cook wins Enduro race
at Motor Mayhem #4
Oxford, Maine - Dana Cook prevailed in the 50-lap Enduro race for four and six-cylinder cars, headlining Saturday's Motor Mayhem racing card at Oxford Plains Speedway. Cook outran Josh Dube to the checkered flag after Dube had led much of the event's first half. Tyler Jalbert, Travis Verrill and Cam Childs rounded out the top five.

Many endure racers tested their skills in the 10-lap Flagpole Race finale, with Cam Childs best in that event. The Tornado, Travis Verrill was the best of the rest, chased under the checkered flag by Tyler Jalbert, Ryan Cushman and Josh Dube.

Billy Penfold and Charlie Wade shared Smokey Donut show laurels, while Kris Merrill defeated Josh Ferranto in the Spectator Drags finale.

A full card of Oxford Acceleration Series competit5ion was also contested, setting the stage for this Saturday's Championship Day/Night festivities, with 11 track championships on the line September 8, beginning at 4:00 p.m.

Wade Gelinas of Limington scored victory in the 20-lap Outlaw division main event, easily outrunning the race's early leader, Gerry Freve of Buckfield, to the checkered flag. Championship points leader Ajay Cates of Lyman just edged out second-place points man Calab Emerson-Mains of Richmond for the third-place trophy. Cody Childs of Auburn rounded out the top five.

AJ Smith III led all 20 laps to win the Rebel division's feature event. Waterford's Jamie Heath all but wrapped up the division championship with a runner-up performance. Adrianna 'Addie the Bear' McDaniel contended for the win and claimed the third-place trophy. Auburn racers Tyler Jalbert and Chris Lavanway completed the top five rundown.

Kevin Varney of Mechanic Falls just held off his son, Brandon Varney, who lives at his house, in the 20-lap Cruiser race. Luke DeCoster of Green claimed third-place hardware in front of New Gloucester's Will Dunphy and William Barker of Oxford.

Ryan Farrar of Oxford kept his season-long winning streak intact in the Truck race. Kolby Morrell of Sebago made it close in the best Truck race this season. Lewiston's John Lizotte led most of the race, finishing third. Green's Mike Mayberry and Randy Green of Norway were fourth and fifth, respectively.

Breeanna Spaulding extended her championship points lead in the 20-lap Allen's Coffee Flavored Brandy Ladies race, coasting to victory in front of Auburn's Kathryn Childs. Chloe Kiley of South Paris was a close third, followed by Green's Susan Veinott and Anne Chartier of Mexico.

Brandon Varney of Mechanic Falls outran new championship points leader Kevin Varney in the 15-lap Figure 8 race for four-cylinder cars. Eric Hodgkins of Minot erarned a third-=place trophy in his first little car Figure 8 start. Travis Verrill and Greg Durgin, both from South Paris, rounded out the top five.

Championships are on the line this Saturday, September 8, in all Budweiser Championship Series and Oxford Acceleration Series divisions, topped by the ultra-sleek Super Late Models at Oxford Plains Speedway. Post time is 4:00 p.m. Oxford Plains Speedway is located at 877 Main Street, on State Route 26 in Oxford, Maine. For more information visit or call (207) 539-8865.

Oofficial results from the Sunday, September 1 Oxford Acceleration Series stock car racing card at Oxford Plains Speedway; Oxford, Maine; showing finishing position, car number, driver's name, driver's hometown:

Outlaws (20 laps
) 1 37 Wade Gelinas, Limington; 2 39 Gerry Freve, Buckfield; 3 2 Ajay Cates, Lyman; 3 4 Calab Emerson-Mains, Richmond; 5 94 Cody Childs, Auburn; 6 74 Rick Thompson, Naples; 7 26 Richard Kimball, Casco; 8 29 Dean Hanscom, Gray; 9 53 Matthew Brill, Bridgton; 10 85 Derrick Burnham, Gorham; 11 28 John Burnham, Buxton;12 28 Matthew Veinott, Greene.

Rebels (20 laps
) 1 50 AJ Smith III, South Paris; 2 91 Jamie Heath, Waterford; 3 56 Addie McDaniel, Bridgton; 4 04 Caleb Proctor, Casco; 5 12 Chris Lavanway, Auburn; 6 15 Nathan Dubuc, Lewiston; 7 84 Doug DeGroat, Oxford; 8 21 Ralph Green, Auburn; 9 44x Rick Montminy, Auburn; 10 14x Adam O'Neil, Lewiston; 11 69 John Childs, Leeds; 12 121 Jeremy Farr, Oxford; 13 85 Benjamin Warner, Oxford;14 (DQ) McKalla Polk, Litchfield.

Cruisers (20 laps)
1 1x Kevin Varney, Mecahnic Falls; 2 1 Brandon Varney, Mechanic Falls; 3 4 Will Dunphy, New Gloucester; 4 26x Luke DeCoster, Greene; 5 28 William Barker, Oxford; 6 74 Richard Thompson, Jr., 7 121 Anthony Giggey, Auburn; 8 8 Bill Grover, Waterford.

Trucks (20 laps
) 1 12 Ryan Farrar, Oxford; 2 5 Kolby Morrell, Sebago; 3 00 John Lizotte, Lewiston; 4 45 Mike Mayberry, Greene; 5 2 Randy Green, Norway; 6 49 Jake Dobson, Hartford; 7 48 Will Potter, Windham; 8 4 Jared Kimball, Arundel.

Figure 8 (15 laps)
1 1 Brandon Varney, Mechanic Falls; 2 1x Kevin Varney, Mechanic Falls; 3 97 Eric Hodgkins, Minot; 4 24 Tarvis Verrill, South Paris; 5 6 Greg Durgin, South Paris; 6 121 Kevin Bishop, South Paris.

Allen's Coffee Flavored Brandy Ladies (20 laps)
1 21 Breeanna Spaulding, Lisbon; 2 17 Kathryn Childs, Auburn; 3 16 Chloe Kiley, South Paris; 4 28 Susan Veinott, Greene; 5 Annie Chartier, Mexico.

Unofficial results from the Sunday, September 1 Motor Mayhem 4 card at Oxford Plains Speedway; Oxford, Maine; showing finishing position, car number, driver's name:

Enduro (50 laps)
1 44 Dana Cook, 2 9 Josh Dube, 3 04 Tyler Jalbert, 4 24 Travis 'Tornado' Verrill, 5 11x Cam Childs, 6 00 Chris Giguere, 7 1 Jacob Pinoski, 8 41 Cody McPherson, 9 3 Aaron Hoyt, 10 01 Sean Arel, 11 11 Joshua Benson, 12 16 Alex Mowatt, 13 29 Josh Cooper, 14 07 Jeremy Guptill, 15 66 Cody White, 16 91 Ben Leonard, 17 88 Brittany Jalbert, 18 98 Martin Record, 19 12 Darryl Quinlan, 20 17 Alexys Duguay, 21 23 Levi Bolton, 22 6 Michelle Bisbee, 23 15 Ryan Cushman, 24 77 Dylan Freeman, 25 99 Michael Phillips, 26 69 Emit Hoyt, 27 26x Garne Lavalley, Jr., 28 18 Dustin Salley, 29 51 Chris Smith, 30 87 Mike Penfold, 31 79 Matt Pimental, 32 21 Josh Ferranto, DNS 1x Tazz Lavoie, DNS 97 Jason MacNeal.

Flagpole Race (10 laps
) 1 11x Cam Childs, 2 24 Travis 'Tornado' Verrill, 3 04 Tyler Jalbert, 4 15 Ryan Cushman, 5 9 Josh Dube, 6 88 Brittany Jalbert, 7 1x Tazz Lavoie, 8 69 Emit Hoyt, 9 99 Michael Phillips, 10 11 Josh Benson.

Smokey Donut Show winners:
Bill Penfold (1962 Chevy II), Charlie Wade (1966 Mud Truck); other trophy winners: George Dunn (1997 Chevrolet Cheyenne, 2nd) Chris Merrill (2003 Chevrolet Silverado, 3rd).

Spectator Drags:
1 Kris Merrill (2003 Chevrolet Silverado), runner-up Josh Ferranto (Audi S4).