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Route 26, Oxford, ME  Phone: (207) 539-8865 
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MONDAY, JULY 5th, 2021

Spencer Paving Group Super Late Models (50 laps): 1. 23 Dave Farrington Jr., Sabattus, 2.1 Kyle Desouza, Auburn, 3. 7g Curtis Gerry, Waterboro, 4. 8 Calvin Rose Jr., Turner, 5. 90 Derek Kneeland, 6. 12 Dennis Spencer Jr., Oxford, 7. 29s Trevor Sanborn, Parsonsfield, 8. 88 Brandon Barker, 9. 29T Austin Teras, New Glouester, 10. 53 Alan Wilson, Hebron, 11. 3 Travis Buzzell, 12. 60b Tim Brackett, Buckfield, 13. 52 Bruce Haley, Minot, 14. 03 Scott Moore, Anson, 15. 29L Ryan Littlefield, 16. 00 Jeremie Whorff, 17. 12R Max Rowe, Turner, 18.Justin Larsen, Peru, 19. 63 Kyle Salemi, Nashua NH, 20. 66 David Getchell
Farrington Wins 2nd Week in a Row
on Fireworks Night at Oxford
David Farrington J.r of Sabattus put on a show of his own this week racing side by side with Kyle Desouza for a majority of the race. Once again  Farrington came out on top winning the Spencer Paving Group Super Late Model feature.

Samuel Wardwell of Cape Elizabeth won his 2nd feature of the season during the ATA Piping Inc. Rookies. Karson Hewins took the early lead with Jeremy Turner in 2nd and Wardwell in 3rd. Wardwell moved to the high side taking 2nd place on lap 6 then moving up to take the lead on lap 7. After a caution on lap 10, Maddy Herrick moved into 3rd and passed Jeremy for 2nd on lap 11. Wardwell led the rest of the 15 lap feature, Maddy Herrick of Otisfield finished in 2nd with Jeremy Turner of Norway picking up a 3rd place finish.

Greg Durgin of Norway won his 2nd race of the season in the Aroma Joe's Figure 8s. Larry Lizotte led the race until the last lap when he collided with Mark Turner in the X. Both drivers were fine but neither of them were able to finish the race. Durgin took the lead on the restart. Eric Hodgkins of Winthrop tried to get by him on the last lap but ended up settling for 2nd while Dale Durgin also of Norway took home 3rd place.

Shawn Knight of South Paris won his 4th Limited Late Models feature of the season. After passing Billy Childs Jr. for the lead on lap 10, Knight led the rest of the 30 lap feature. Billy Childs Jr of Leeds and Jordan Russell of Norway finished 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Jeff Libby of Auburn won his first Cooley's Commercial Tire Bandits feature of the season. Nick Wilson and Josh Lovell raced for the lead early on before Libby moved to the bottom and took the lead on lap 5. Luke Mowatt moved into 2nd and Alex Mowatt followed suit. Alex passed Luke on lap 10 and moved up to pass Libby but could pull it back eventually falling back to 3rd. Luke Mowatt of Norway picked up 2nd with Alex Mowatt of Norway settling for 3rd place.

Kyle Desouza took the early lead in the Spencer Paving Group Super Late Models with Calvin Rose Jr. and Justin Larsen behind him in 2nd and 3rd. After a restart on lap 14 Dave Farrington Jr. moved into 3rd on the restart and Rose moved to battle Desouza for the lead. Two laps later when another caution came out, Farrington passed Rose for 2nd and moved to the outside of Desouza to race him for the lead. They raced side by side until lap 37 when Farrington finally pulled away with the lead. Dave Farrington Jr. of Sabattus ultimately won over Kyle Desouza of Auburn who had to settle for 2nd. Curtis Gerry of Waterboro ended up finishing in 3rd place after passing Rose late in the race.

This coming weekend is a doubleheader at Oxford with OCS/OAS races on Saturday night at 6pm and a PASS SLM/PASS MODS/ACT/LLM event Sunday starting at 4pm.
Limited Late Models (30 laps): 1. 25 Shawn Knight, South Paris, 2. 1 Billy Childs Jr., Leeds, 3 .4 Jordan Russell, Norway, 4. 07 Rick Thompson, Casco, 5. 36 Richard Spaulding, Lisbon, 6.64 Skip Stanley, Oxford, 7. 17 Tyson Jordan, 8. 3 Jimmy Burnham, 9.55B Derek Barker, 10. 47 Brian Caswell
Aroma Joe's Figure 8s (15 laps): 1.  41 Greg Durgin, Norway, 2. 97 Eric Hodgkins, Winthrop, 3. 64 Dale Durgin, Norway, 4. 2 Dale Lawrence, Minot, 5. 19 Jeffery Heaward ,6.00 Larry Lizotte, Poland, 7. 4 Mark Turner, Norway
ATA Piping Inc. Rookies (15 laps): 1. 19 Samuel Wardwell, Cape Elizabeth, 2. 95 Maddy Herrick, Otisfield, 3. 09 Jeremy Turner, Norway, 4. 4 Cody Macomber, Greene, 5. 51 Karson Hewins, Oxford, 6. 58 Liz Newton, Bridgton, 7. 2 Keyra Robertson, Greene
Cooley's Commercial Tire Bandits (20 laps): 1. 44 Jeff Libby, Auburn, 2. 22 Luke Mowatt, Norway, 3. 11 Alex Mowatt, Norway, 4. 3 Chad Wills, Oxford, 5. 53 Nick Wilson, Hebron, 6. 42 Josh Lovell, Oxford, 7. 21q Darryl Quinlan, 8. 1 Jeremy Farrar, 9. 20 Brian Hiscock, Turner, 10. 53x Spencer Moore, Oxford, 11. 52 Keegan Leighton, 12. 90 Charlie Young

T&M Commercial Funding Ladies (20 laps): 1.  21 Breeanna Spaulding, Lisbon, 2. 91 Addie McDaniel, Buckfield, 3. 12 Kasie Kolbe, Auburn, 4. 28 Susan Veinott, Greene, 5. 3 Amara Parker, 6. 44 Annie Chartier, Mexico
Breeanna Spaulding Scores 4th Win
Breeanna Spaulding of Lisbon won her 4th T&M Commercial Funding Ladies feature of the season. Kasie Kolbe took the early lead, Spaulding and Kolbe made contact on lap 2 bringing out a caution. On the restart Spaulding made her way back up to the front and took the lead. Spaulding led the rest of the feature. Addie McDaniel of Buckfield took home 2nd with Kasie Kolbe of Lisbon finishing 3rd place.

AJ Smith of Harrison picked up his first win of the season in the Agren Runnin' Rebels. The 20 lap feature started off with some excitement when Chris Giguere somehow drove up a backstretch light pole sandpile knocking down the light and loosening the pole. After a few more cautions following that, Thomas Richards took the lead with John Childs racing behind him in 2nd. Dylan Cook who was running in 3rd moved to the outside grove passing Childs then almost Richards before they got together and both spun off of turn 4. Childs took the lead on the restart with AJ Smith behind him. Smith made a last minute move for the lead and won at the line. John Childs of Auburn settled for 2nd with Shane Webber picking up 3rd place.

Jeremy Decoster of Greene won his 2nd feature in a row during the Rogee's Auto Repairs Cruisers. Dominik Knowlton of Minot finished in 2nd with Bob Guptil getting 3rd place, his first time back on the track in 12 years.

Kyle Glover of Oxford led all 20 laps of the DnL Weatherization Sport Trucks feature to win his first race in the division. Jake Dobson of Hartford chased him down but ended up 2nd with Brad Weismann finishing in 3rd.

JC White claimed his first career win in the Mainly Ductless Heating and Air Outlaws. Ricky Thompson took the early lead with White and Cam Childs battling for 2nd behind him. Childs was knocked loose by Foster on lap 6 causing him to spin and bringing out a caution. White took the lead on the restart with Brandon Varney pulling into 2nd behind him. White led the rest of the feature ,Brandon Varney of Mechanic Falls picked up 2nd with Rick Thompson Jr. of Bridgton rounding out the top 3.

Kyle Hewins of Oxford topped the field in the 4 Cylinder Figure 8s. Jason Cyr of Turner finished in 2nd with Jordan Russell of Norway picking up a 3rd place finish his first time racing in the figure 8s.

This coming weekend is a doubleheader at Oxford with OCS/OAS races on Saturday night at 6pm and a PASS SLM/PASS MODS/ACT/LLM event Sunday starting at 4pm.
Rogee's Auto Repairs Cruisers (20 laps): 1. 2 Jeremy Decoster, Greene, 2. 5 Dominik Knowlton, Poland, 3. 14 Bob Guptil, 4. 28 William Barker, 5. 33 Matt Hiscock, 6. 07 Ben Bushey, 7. 85 Drew Hayward, 8. 58 Cody Merrill, 9. 99 Michael Phillips
Agren Runnin Rebels (20 laps): 1. 50 AJ Smith, Harrison, 2. 69 John Childs, Auburn, 3. 7 Shane Webber, 4.56 Addie McDaniel, Buckfield, 5. 44 Dylan Cook, 6. 10 Corey Roussel, South Paris, 7. 21Q Darryl Quinlan, 8. 31 Thomas Richards, 9.30 Nate Pearson, 10. 07 Doug Churchill,11. 3c Mark Childs, 12. 29 Brayden Pearson, 13. 37 Cam Richards, 14. 14x Adam Oneil, 15. 20 Anthony
Giggey, 16. 00 Chris Gigere, Turner
DnL Weatherization Sport Trucks (20 laps): 1. 51 Kyle Glover, Oxford, 2. 49 Jake Dobson, Hartford, 3. 39 Brad Weismann, 4. 21 Alex Moore, Oxford, 5. 05 Rick Dobson, Hartford, 6. 10 Lukas Mitchell, 7. 2 Randy Green, West Paris, 8. 74 John Curtis, 9. 63 Trace Ayers, 10. 71 Ryan Farrar
Mainely Ductless Heating and Air Outlaws (20 laps): 1. 26 JC White, 2. 1 Brandon Varney, 3. 07 Rick Thompson Jr., 4. 91 Addie McDaniel, 5. 10 Brady Childs, 6. 4 Will Dunphy, 7. 11 Cam Childs, 8. 39 Drew Morse, 9. 71 Chris Foster, 10. 12 Jake Dobson, 11. 21 Todd Bisbee, 12. 0 Alexandra Smith, 13. 1x Derrick Burnham, 14. 8 Betty Nelson
4 Cylinder Figure 8s (15 laps): 1. 7 Kyle Hewins, 2. 4 Jordan Russell, 3. 8 Jason Cyr, 4. 51 Kurt Hewins, 5. 22 Scott Merrill, 6. 3 Charlie Hall, 7. 28 Charlie Hall Jr., Oxford