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Route 26, Oxford, ME  Phone: (207) 539-8865 
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SATURDAY, APRIL 30th, 2022


RB Performance Super Late Models (50 laps): 1. 1 Kyle Desouza, 2. 23 Dave Farrington Jr., 3. 21 Joey Doiron, 4. 9t Alan Tardif, 5. 7g Curtis Gerry, 6. 8 Calvin Rose Jr., 7. 41 Tracy Gordon, 8. 03 Scott Moore, 9. 60 Tim Brackett, 10. 36 Ryan Robbins, 11. 29 Ryan Littlefield, 12. 18L Justin Larsen, 13. 63 Kyle Salemi, 14. 39 Max Cookson, 15. 11 Dalton Gagnon, 16. 12R Max Rowe, 17. 18 Parker Varney, 18. 21 David Oliver
Desouza Takes Home the SLM Win
Kyle Desouza of Auburn finally got his first win this past weekend in the RB Performance Super Late Models at Oxford after finishing 2nd and 3rd many times the last few seasons.

Eric Hodgkins of Winthrop claimed his first win of the season in the Aroma Joe's Figure 8s. Hodgkins took the early lead and led all 15 laps. Mark Turner of Norway picked up 2nd with Greg Durgin of South Paris finishing behind him in 3rd.

Jeremy Turner of South Paris won his 2nd ATA Piping Rookie feature in a row. Turner took the early lead and led all 15 laps of the feature. Karson Hewins of Oxford finished 2nd while Jaxson Moreside of Arundel rounded out the top 3.

Adam Stearns of Rumford picked up the win in the Kyle Hewins Motorsports/Floor Solutions Thunder Stocks. Last week's winner Charlie Young settled for 2nd with Tucker Haskell getting 3rd place.

Tyson Jordan of South Paris captured the win in the Richard Spaulding Roofing Street Stocks. Spaulding took the early lead and duked it out with Jordan until Jordan took the lead on lap 4. Jordan Russell passed Cam Childs for 3rd on lap 8. Childs then went 3 wide and moved into 2nd. After a caution on lap 25 Russell moved to the outside and passed Childs again for 2nd place. Jordan Russell of Norway finished in 2nd with Cam Childs of Litchfield settled for 3rd place.

Corey Morgan of Lewiston came out of retirement this week to pickup the win in the Cooley's Commercial Tires Mad Bombers. Spencer Barth took the early lead before Morgan went 3 wide on lap 1 to 2nd place. Morgan took the lead on lap 3 with Barth falling to 2nd place. Corey Morgan led the rest of the feature. Spencer Barth of Buxton finished in 2nd with Cam Richards of South Paris picking up 3rd.

Rick Thompson of Naples won his first race of the season in the DLM Landscaping & Excavation Limiteds. Thompson took the early lead with Chris Smith in 2nd and Phil Libby in 3rd. Smith spent most of the race chasing down Thompson but ended up settling for 2nd place while Phil Libby picked up 3rd.

Colby Benjamin of Belmont won his first Kennebec Equipment Rentals PASS MODS feature. Benjamin took the early lead and led all 30 laps. Varney took 2nd on lap 5 before Troy Morse took it back by lap 11. After a couple cautions involving Matty Sanborn and Brandon Varney, Shawn Knight moved into 2nd place. Knight moved up to race side by side with Benjamin but ended up settling for 2nd place. Troy Morse of Bridgton took home 3rd place.

Calvin Rose Jr. took the early lead in the Super Late Models feature with Alan Tardiff in 2nd place. Kyle Desouza passed Tardiff on lap 12 for 2nd place. Dave Farrington Jr. passed Tardiff on lap 24 after a caution. Desouza moved to the outside of Rose on lap 33 before finally taking the lead on lap 35. Dave Farrington Jr. of Sabattus finished 2nd after passing Rose on lap 37, while Joey Doiron of Berwick moved in to 3rd on lap 41 to round out the top 3.

Next weekend on Saturday May 7th, the PASS Super Late Models come to town for a 150. Other divisions racing will be PASS MODS, NEMST, and the Limited Sportsman, Start time is at 4:00 PM. The Oxford Championship Series resumes on Saturday, May 14th at 6:00 PM.
Kennebec Equipment Rental PASS MODS (30 laps): 1. 52 Colby Benjamin, 2. 25 Shawn Knight, 3. 6 Troy Morse, 4. 64 Matty Sanborn, 5. 0 Danny Wear, 6. 41 Mike Nichols, 7. 1H Brad Hammond, 8. 28 Kevin Oliver, 9. 1 Brandon Varney, 10. 71 Gary Chiasson
DLM Landscaping & Excavation Limiteds (30 laps): 1. 07 Rick Thompson, 2. 1x Chris Smith, 3. 80 Todd Libby, 4. 72 Nick Moulton, 5. 13 Robbie Harrison, 6. 34 Nick Thyng, 7. 72 Mike Sanford, 8. 35 Kristina Nadeau
Cooley's Comercial Tires Mad Bombers (30 laps): 1. 26 Corey Morgan, 2. 44 Spencer Barth, 3. 37R Cam Richards, 4. 37 Nate Barth, 5. 79 Phil Webber, 6. 54 Ed Johnson, 7. 92 Richard Bourgeas-Lang, 8. 95 Mike Dekoninng, 9. 32 Tony Gibbons, 10. 3 Thomas Brackett
Kyle Hewins Motorsports Floor Solutions Thunder Stocks (15 laps):
1. 35 Adam Stearns, 2. 90 Charlie Young, 3. 35 Tucker Haskell
Richard Spaulding Roofing Street Stocks (30 laps): 1. 17 Tyson Jordan, 2. 4 Jordan Russell, 3. 11c Cam Childs, 4. 3 Joey Israelson, 5. 55J Brandon Johnson, 6. 36 Richard Spaulding, 7. 64 Skip Stanley, 8. 07 Ricky Thompson, 9. 36p Don Poulin, 10. 3x Jimmy Burnham, 11. 55 Tyler Fitz, 12. 38 Robert Norton, 13. 2 Joe Hutter
ATA Piping Rookies (15 laps): 1 .09 Jeremy Turner, 2. 51 Karson Hewins, 3. 88 Jaxson Moreside, 4.1 3R Evan Roy, 5. 4 Cody Macomber, 6. 29 Alexis Lundblad, 7. 8 Cayleigh Rose, 8. 19 Samuel Wardwell, 9. 28 Ethan Lundblad, 10. 58 Liz Newton
Aroma Joe's Figure 8s (15 laps): 1. 97 Eric Hodgkins, 2. 09 Mark Turner, 3. 41 Greg Durgin, 4. 2 Dale Lawrence, 5. 19 Jeff Heaward, 6. 22 Scott Merrill, 7. 10 Terry Kirk, 8. 00 Larry Lizotte, 9. 64 Dale Durgin