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Route 26, Oxford, ME  Phone: (207) 539-8865 
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Speed51 videos of the  Oxford 250
Photos by
Norm Marx
More Action Photos on the PASS Site HERE
1) 54 - Johnny Clark - 250 Laps
2) 88T - Jeff Taylor - 250
3) 21 - Joey Doiron - 250
4) 23 - Dave Farrington Jr. - 250
5) 15 - Mike Hopkins - 250
6) 60s - DJ Shaw - 250
7) 99 - Ben Ashline - 250
8) 29s - Trevor Sanborn - 250
9) 94h - Garrett Hall - 250
10) 47b - Gabe Brown - 250
11) 9t - Alan Tardiff - 250
12) 7g - Curtis Gerry - 250
13) 32 - Derek Ramstrom - 250
14) 13 - Cassius Clark - 249
15) 17ma - Eddie MacDonald - 249
16) 29t - Austin Teras - 249
17) 4 - Ben Rowe - 249
18) 51 - Jon Peters - 248
19) 88b - Brandon Barker - 248
20) 81 - Dan Winter - 248
21) 24 - Mike Rowe - 248
22) 96 - Wyatt Alexander - 247
23) 12 - Corey Bubar - 247
24) 7b - Travis Benjamin - 245
25) 90 - Craig Weinstein - 245
26) 14 - Scott McDaniel - 243
27) 10 - Kate Re - 240
28) 20 - Joey Pastore - 237
29) 12g - Derek Griffith - 228
30) 3c - Josh Childs - 220
31) 93ct - Ray Christian III - 205
32) 1 - Kyle Desouza - 183
33) 8 - Calvin Rose Jr. - 171
34) 26p - Bubba Pollard -155
35) 94 - Shawn Martin 113
36) 41 - Tracy Gordon - 101
37) 72 - Scott Robbins - 99
38) 85 - Travis Stearns - 91
39) 60b - Tim Brackett - 65
40) 72x - Ryan Kuhn -46
41) 36 - Ryan Robbins - 32
42) 53 - Alan Wilson - 26
43) 14c - Anthony Costantino - 23
44) 40vt - Nick Sweet - 17
Clark Scores Elusive
Oxford 250 Win;
Taylor Left Wondering

Story by: Zach Evans, Speed51 Content Supervisor Twiter: @ztevans
Oxford, ME - After a pit road miscue during a lap 179 caution relegated Taylor to 10th, Clark took the lead from Alan Tardiff and led the rest of the way for his first Oxford 250 win in 16 attempts.

Finally climbing to the mountaintop at Oxford nearly rendered Clark speechless afterwards, reflecting on a wild year on and off the race track.

"It's unbelievable. It really is. I don't know what to say. It's been a crazy year. Honestly, the fact that it's been such a crazy year is probably why we're standing here."

"It's been stressful to be a good dad, be a good husband, and be the best race car driver you can be. The fact that I've been able to slow down a ton has been huge for me and huge for my family, everything, personally."

The victory was the culmination of a year's worth of effort for the six-time PASS North champion to finally score the elusive win.

"We worked so hard right from March," said Clark. "We've got an awesome relationship with Gary Crooks and Port City Race Cars. He has busted his a-- to get this company where it's at, and I'm reaping the rewards for it. We talked almost nightly; you can ask my wife.

"It's unbelievable. We just worked so hard. I know Jeff Taylor has worked really hard to get to victory lane here, but man, we've worked really busted a---- this season."

Taylor was another home-state driver looking for his first Oxford 250, making his 23rd appearance in the race in 2020. Instead, he came away with his third runner-up finish in the event.

During the lap 179 caution, Taylor exited pit road after his first pit stop of the night. Believing he had driven through the stop sign at pit exit, Taylor took a self-imposed pass-through penalty on pit road rather than forcing series officials to penalize him.

That put the nine-time Oxford Plains track champion 10th in the field with less than 100 laps to go, a distance he was unable to make up in that span.

"I did it to myself, so it's not really a luck thing. I wasn't paying enough attention coming out of the pits. I screwed it up getting out of the pits. I decided to penalize myself.

"I don't know if that was the right move or not, but that's the one I made. Inevitably, it cost us a chance."

Along with being a milestone victory for the Maine standout, it was a bounce-back performance from a dismal showing a month ago. When the PASS North series visited the bullring on July 18, Clark finished three laps down in 26th place during a 150-lap feature.

Despite that showing, Clark knew they had the pieces to contend for the Oxford 250 this weekend, and that they did.

"We've been good here testing, but In July we went three laps down here. Our heads were hanging when we left, but we knew that it just didn't work that day. We had already found what would work, we just had to get back to it.

Joey Doiron completed the podium, with Dave Farrington, Jr. and Mike Hopkins rounding out the top five.

Fans who missed Sunday's Oxford 250 can click here to watch an on-demand replay of Speed51's live broadcast of the race.
Special Bonus $500
For Winner of the 250 Last Chance race.
Sponsored by Rex Garrett, Dale Earnhardt Inc.

Poland, ME - (207) 890-0913
PASS MODS 75 Lap Feature at OPS 250

1) 34 - Spencer Morse - 75 Laps
2) 19 - Ben Tinker - 75
3) 11 - Tyler King - 75
4) 13 - Shawn Knight - 75
5) 64 - Matty Sanborn - 75
6) 52 - Colby Benjamin - 75
7) 4x - Kris Matchett - 75
8) 18 - Justin Larson - 75
9) 12 - Kevin Durgin - 75
10) 4 - Milo Washer - 75
11) 09 - Ryan Ripley - 75
12) 41x - Mike Nichols - 74
13) 55 - Gary Dwinal - 74
14) 35 - Bobby Nadeau - 74
15) 66 - Jake Madore - 74
16) 25 - Ryan Nelson - 74
17) 7 - Spencer Vaughan 73
18) 6t - Troy Morse - 61
19) 44 - Ashley Beyea - 54
20) 6 - Chanler Harrison - 41
21) 2 - Ajay Cates - 30
22) 28 - Mark Lunblad Jr. - 16
23) 33 - Bill Dixon - 12
24) 00 - JR Barill - 1

Mixers Night Club and Lounge Rebels: 1. 0 Matt Mahar, 2. 18 Dustin Salley, 3. 69 John Childs, 4. 14x Adam Oneil, 5. 10 Corey Roussel, 6. 50 AJ Smith, 7. 56 Addie McDaniel, 8. 00 Chris Giguere, 9. 01 Chuck MacDonald, 10. 37 Cam Richards, 11. 55 Darick Barker, 12. 52 Keegan Leighton, 13. 12 Chris Lavanway, 14. 21Q Darryl Quinlan, 15. 71 Chris Foster, 16. 31 Thomas Richards, 17. 3 Cam Childs, 18. 85 Doug Degroat

Street Stocks Feature #2: 1. 1 Billy Childs Jr., 2. 51 Kyle Hewins, 3. 24 Johnathon Emerson, 4. 64 Skip Stanley, 5. 83 Dan Brown, 6. 30 Dylan Street, 7. 67 Michael Haynes, 8. 35 Kris Watson, 9. 62r Kyle Robinson, 10. 55m Corey Morgan, 11. 38 Garrett Lamb, 12 .4e Calab Emerson Mains ,13. 20 Matt Rickards, 14 .81 Lewis Anderson, 15. 95 Cody Childs, 16. 25 Shawn Knight, 17. 23 Zach Emerson, 18 .33 WM Bimbo, 19. 07 Mark Grantham, 20. 36 Richard Spaulding, 21. 61 Matt Dufault, 22. 28 David Cameron, 23. 30p ---, 24. 14 Kurt Hewins, 25. 17 Bobby Seger, 26. 3x Jordan Pearson.

North East Mini Stock Tour: 1. 20 Jason Kimball , 2. 7NH Cody Leblanc, 3. 10c Jimmy Childs, 4. 34 Tom Silva, 5. 90 Desmond Skilling, 6. 10r Issac Rollins, 7 .4 Joe Katula, 8. 85 Mike Viens, 9. 55me Kyle Gray, 10. 18 Jake Rheaume, 11. 04 Justin Faford, 12. 34 Justin Trombley, 13 .33 Dan Morris, 14. 8 Ryan Kennison, 15. 33w Erin Akens, 16. 69 Louis Manher, 17. 33Vt Matthew Sonnhalder, 18. 5 Eric Banks, 19. 43Vt Dana Shepard, 20. 55 Nick Anderson, 21. 01 Chuck MacDonald, 22. 37 Jesse Copp

PASS MODS 50 Lap Feature at OPS 250
1) 55 - Gary Dwinal - 50 Laps
2) 19 - Ben Tinker - 50
3) 12 - Kevin Durgin - 50
4) 11 - Tyler King - 50
5) 6t - Troy Morse - 50
6) 4x - Kris Matchett - 50
7) 13 - Shawn Knight - 50
8) 35 - Bobby Nadeau - 50
9) 64 - Matty Sanborn - 50
10) 28 - Mark Lunblad - 50
11) 66 - Jake Madore - 50
12) 52 - Colby Benjamin - 50
13) 2 - Ajay Cates - 50
14) 00 - JR Barill - 50
15) 4 - Milo Washer - 50
16) 09 - Ryan Ripley - 50
17) 83 - Dan Brown - 49
18) 7 - Spencer Vaughan - 48
19) 34 - Spencer Morse - 45
20) 25 - Ryan Nelson - 40
21) 61 - Brad Hammond - 35
22) 33 - Bill Dixon - 19
23) 18 - Justin Larson - 15
24) 41x - Tracy Gordon - 15
25) 6 - Chanler Harrison - 15
26) 44 - Ashley Beyea - 1
Hebert Finally Breaks Through at Oxford
to Extend ACT Point Lead
Oxford, ME -- Williamstown's Jimmy Hebert finished a job he had come close to so many times before by winning the Oxford Plains 150 at Maine's Oxford Plains Speedway on Sunday, August 30. Hebert took the lead for good from Turner, ME's Ben Rowe with 57 laps to go and was never seriously threatened from there on his way to becoming the first repeat winner of the American-Canadian Tour (ACT) season.

For Hebert, it was a victory that had been within reach on multiple occasions prior to Sunday. In nine previous starts at Oxford, he had posted six top-5 finishes with a pair of runner-up results. His elusive first win at the historic 3/8-mile track also put him in the driver's seat for his first ACT championship with three point-counting events remaining.

Hebert started 10th in the 28-car field and spent the first third of the event conserving his Hebert Excavation Chevrolet as the field tussled in front of him. Polesitter Marcel J. Gravel of Wolcott, VT led the first five laps before Steuben, ME's Rowland Robinson Jr. got underneath him on the backstretch to snatch the top spot. Robinson's stay at the front was also short-lived as Candia, NH's Jimmy Renfrew pulled a similar move six laps later to lead an ACT event for the first time.

Renfrew paced the field for the next 42 circuits as Robinson, Gravel, Rowe, Ryan Kuhn, and others fought to position themselves for the long haul. Rowe was up to the second spot by lap 40, and after looking to the outside of Renfrew multiple times, he finally made it stick on the high groove to move in front on lap 54.

The long green-flag run came to an end on lap 69 when Robinson and Renfrew tried to split a lapped car on the front chute. Robinson bounced off Renfrew's driver-side door entering turn one, and the contact sent Robinson spinning to bring out the first caution. His misfortune moved Milton, VT's Dylan Payea into the third spot with Hebert right behind him for the restart.

When the green flag came back out, Hebert decided it was time to go. He had slashed his way to the second spot when the second caution flew seven laps later after Connor McDougal got turned around. Hebert restarted outside Rowe and rode the rim to put a nose out front for the next four circuits.

The point leader couldn't make it stick, though, and fell back in behind Rowe on lap 81. After stalking the multi-time Pro All Stars Series (PASS) champion for the next 13 laps, Hebert got a great run through turn two and dove beneath Rowe exiting the corner to fly into the lead.

After dodging a bullet on lap 98 when Matt Anderson and Dave MacDonald spun right in front of the leaders coming out of turn four, Hebert pulled out to a huge advantage with New Sharon, ME's Dillon Moltz moving into second. However, the gap was instantly erased when Jimmy Linardy spun in turn three to trigger caution number four.

On the backstretch following the restart, Rowe slid underneath Moltz on the back chute to regain second. Both Moltz and Payea then went for the low lane entering turn three and got together. Each made great saves coming to the frontstretch, but the field got bunched up behind them, and Anderson was the innocent victim as he looped it for the fifth and final yellow.

That meant one last 15-lap sprint to decide the winner. Hebert easily outpowered Rowe on the restart, and although Rowe tried to keep pace, Hebert was simply too strong as he captured his seventh career ACT Late Model Tour victory.

Rowe finished second for his best run of the year in a limited ACT schedule. Newmarket, NH's Bryan Kruczek continued his mid-season resurgence by completing the podium after making several passes in the third groove. Payea had his best career ACT result in fourth. Moltz, Kuhn, D.J. Shaw, Renfrew, Robinson, and Derek Gluchacki completed the top-10. The result unofficially gives Hebert a 39-point edge over Shaw in the overall standings.

The ACT Late Model Tour makes its second visit of the year to Barre, VT's Thunder Road on Sunday, September 6 at 1:00pm for the Optical Expressions Berlin Labor Day Classic. Both the ACT and Maplewood/Irving Oil Late Model regulars will go at for 200 green-flag laps. They'll be joined by Thunder Road's Lenny's Shoe & Apparel Flying Tigers, Allen Lumber Street Stocks, and Burnett Scrap Metals Road Warriors.

Admission is $25 for adults and $5 for kids ages 12 and under with limited fan attendance. Advance tickets are on sale now at Please visit for information on face mask policies and other health and safety guidelines. For those who can't attend in-person, the Northeast Sports Network is offering a $25 live pay-per-view broadcast at

For more information, contact the ACT offices at (802) 244-6963,, or visit You can also get updates on Facebook and Twitter at @ACTTour.


Pos., Start Pos., Driver, Car #, Hometown, Laps

1. ( 10 ) Jimmy Hebert ( 58VT ) , Williamstown, VT , 150 Laps

2. ( 4 ) Ben Rowe ( 4ME ) , Turner, ME , 150 Laps

3. ( 8 ) Bryan Kruczek ( 19NH ) , Newmarket, NH , 150 Laps

4. ( 9 ) Dylan Payea ( 7NH ) , Milton, VT , 150 Laps

5. ( 14 ) Dillon Moltz ( 5ME ) , New Sharon, ME , 150 Laps

6. ( 11 ) Ryan Kuhn ( 72MA ) , E.Bridgewater, MA , 150 Laps

7. ( 17 ) D.J. Shaw ( 04VT ) , Center Conway, NH , 150 Laps

8. ( 2 ) Jimmy Renfrew Jr. ( 00NH ) , Candia, NH , 150 Laps

9. ( 3 ) Rowland Robinson, Jr. ( 28ME ) , Steuben, ME , 150 Laps

10. ( 16 ) #Derek Gluchacki ( 03MA ) , Dartmouth, MA , 150 Laps

11. ( 19 ) Brockton Davis ( 47NH ) , Whitefield, NH , 150 Laps

12. ( 15 ) Christopher Pelkey ( 64VT ) , Graniteville, VT , 150 Laps

13. ( 5 ) Max Dolliver ( 0NH ) , Londonderry, NH , 150 Laps

14. ( 18 ) Jesse Switser ( 25NH ) , W. Burke, VT , 150 Laps

15. ( 7 ) Ryan Olsen ( 61NH ) , N. Haverhill, NH , 150 Laps

16. ( 12 ) Stephen Donahue ( 2VT ) , Graniteville, VT , 149 Laps

17. ( 21 ) Connor MacDougal ( 8NH ) , Rochester, NH , 149 Laps

18. ( 1 ) #Marcel J. Gravel ( 86VT ) , Wolcott, VT , 149 Laps

19. ( 25 ) Reilly Lanphear ( 21VT ) , Waterbury, VT , 148 Laps

20. ( 22 ) James Linardy ( 77MA ) , Somerville, MA , 148 Laps

21. ( 26 ) Mike Benevides ( 50RI ) , Westerly, RI , 148 Laps

22. ( 23 ) #David MacDonald ( 69ME ) , New Gloucester, ME , 147 Laps

23. ( 27 ) Matt Anderson ( 49NH ) , Andover, NH , 147 Laps

24. ( 13 ) Joey Laquerre ( 15VT ) , E. Montpelier, VT , 115 Laps

25. ( 6 ) John Donahue ( 26VT ) , Graniteville, VT , 80 Laps

26. ( 28 ) Garret Leiter ( 20ME ) , Winslow, ME , 64 Laps

27. ( 20 ) #Tom Carey III ( 5MA ) , New Salem, MA , 1 Laps

28. ( 24 ) Jeff Lebrecque Jr. ( 12NH ) , Rochester, NH , 0 Laps

Street Stocks Feature #1: 1. 14 Kurt Hewins, 2. 3 Jordan Pearson, 3. 1 Billy Childs Jr.


The 47th Annual Oxford 250 is moving forward as scheduled at Oxford Plains Speedway, and fans worldwide will be able to enjoy the prestigious event via a pay-per-view broadcast on Speed51.  Oxford Plains Speedway, the Pro All Stars Series (PASS) and Speed51 have partnered to provide a live broadcast of the Super Late Model crown jewel event on August 28-30.

Three days of action from the weekend will be available and fans can watch it all with a three-day video ticket for only $50.  Individual video tickets for each day of racing are also available; however, the three-day ticket offers a savings of $20 compared to the individual ticket prices.  A video ticket to watch Sunday's 47th Annual Oxford 250 is available for $40, while Saturday's ticket is $20 and Friday's ticket is $10.

Currently, officials at Oxford Plains Speedway are working with the state of Maine to gain approval to have more fans in the grandstands. However, with current restrictions on spectators, front grandstand tickets for the Oxford 250 are currently unavailable.  The live pay-per-view broadcast on Speed51 will allow fans worldwide the opportunity to watch the prestigious race if they're not able to buy a ticket.

"Everyone is always excited for the Oxford 250 with how prestigious this race is to the entire community," said PASS President Tom Mayberry.  "In this time we are in there is an extremely limited number of tickets we can sell. The pay-per-view with Speed51 will allow fans who cannot purchase a physical ticket the opportunity to still watch the race. We are looking forward to all the exciting racing action of the Oxford 250 weekend."

The live broadcast of Oxford 250 weekend will begin on Friday, August 28 with a full plate of local racing divisions on the schedule.  Street Stocks will headline the racing card with a 35-lap main event.  Rookies, Trucks, Cruisers, Ladies, Bandits, Outlaws and Rebels will also be in action.  Fans who purchase a three-day video ticket or Friday only video ticket will also be able to enjoy a portion of the day's Super Late Model practice session.

On Saturday night, the American-Canadian Tour (ACT) will headline the racing with a 150-lap main event.  PASS Modifieds, Street Stocks, Classic Lites and Wicked Good Vintage Cars will also be in action during the night.

That all leads up to a full day of racing on Sunday with the PASS Super Late Models battling for $25,000 in the 47th Annual Oxford 250.  The always-entertaining heat races and qualifying rounds will also be shown on the live Speed51 broadcast.  Additionally, the PASS Modifieds will be in action for a special 75-lap feature.  The North East Mini Stock Tour, Street Stocks and Rebels will battle around the 3/8-mile Oxford oval prior to the main event.

Currently, 59 Super Late Models are entered for the Oxford 250.  The entry list features a handful of former race winners, including three-time and defending winner Travis Benjamin, 2018 winner Bubba Pollard, 2017 winner Curtis Gerry, two-time winner Eddie MacDonald, two-time winner Ben Rowe, three-time winner Mike Rowe and 2002 race winner Scott Robbins.  They will be joined by a full field of drivers who will be hungry for their first win in the crown jewel event.

ARCA driver Derek Griffith #12G, defending PASS North champion DJ Shaw #60, six-time PASS North champion Johnny Clark, Canadian standout Cole Butcher, nine-time Oxford track champion Jeff Taylor and former PASS North champion Cassius Clark are just a few of the names chasing their first Oxford 250 win.

Don't miss out on the exciting weekend of racing from Oxford, Maine. Order your video ticket for the 47th Annual Oxford 250 today by clicking here.

Any Given Sunday

Oxford, ME - - Predicting the winner of the 47th annual Oxford 250 is like trying to pick the right numbers in the lottery. Any race of the magnitude of "The 250", as it's affectionately known, attracts top notch drivers and teams from all over the Eastern Seaboard. 2020 is no different.

We are less than a week away from the famed race on the famed 3/8 mile oval, and two names in particular are on the tip of all the experts' tongues, Dave Farrington Jr and Nick Sweet. Both drivers have flexed a fair amount of muscle in their respective races so far in 2020. Farrington Jr. comes into the 250 riding a three race win streak, one of which was a 150 lap Pro All Stars Series (PASS) race at Oxford Plains Speedway (OPS) making him an easy pick to score his first win in the marquee event. Vermont's Nick Sweet has been equally as fast in 2020, four times a victor including a June 28th triumph at OPS. Sweet enters the race as the point leader on the PASS tour.

This, however, is the Oxford 250 and that means that almost anything could happen. Deep fields of talent, high quality equipment, and in some cases deep pockets of money do battle with some of the best smaller budget minded teams in the business. History shows in some years no matter how good a season has been, no matter how much preparation, no matter how many practice tires a team buys, on any given Sunday any driver could come home with the trophy for one of the most prestigious short track races in America.

Taking a look at the 60 car entry list, one's eyes are immediately drawn to three time champion and defending Travis Benjamin, 2018 winner Bubba Pollard, and 2017 winner Curtis Gerry. All three drivers have proven they have what it takes to master the finicky 3/8 mile oval during the hot sun of the day while adjusting to a cooler tighter track as the sun fades over the hills and the lights come on.

Eddie Macdonald, twice a winner but never in a Super Late Model, along with father son combo Mike and Ben Rowe, and Scott Robbins have eight wins between them and would dearly love to etch their name in the trophy one more time. Those seven drivers are the only former champions entered in the 2020 race, perhaps making this one of the best opportunities for a first time winner.

Along with the aforementioned Farrington and Sweet, the list of drivers looking for their first 250 trophy is led by Saturdays open Winner Ben Ashline, recent PASS race winner Johnny Clark, defending PASS Champion DJ Shaw, and perennial contender Shawn Martin. Add in the likes of Garrett Hall, Alan Tardiff, Ryan Robbins, Derek Ranstrom, young gun Austin Teras, and veteran Kelly Moore and picking a winner isn't as easy as looking at the speed charts.

The Oxford 250 has long been a race known to occasionally shine its fickle hand of fate on a dark horse. The races inaugural victor was a relative 19 year old unknown named Joey Kourafas. He is joined by '77 winner Don Biederman, '79 winner Tom Rosati, Larry Gelinas ('96) Saturday night regular Gary Drew ('01), and the ultimate dark horse Jeremie Whorrf who, at the time, was better known for his off track excursions.

2020 could very well be the year we see another long shot first under the checkered flag at the end of 250 laps. Scott Moore has turned a lot of laps at OPS over the years, 16 year old Kate Re vies to be the youngest and first woman to win the 250. Kyle Desouza and Jake Johnson have showed plenty of speed at times as have Corey Bubar, Ryan Kuhn, and Brandon Barker.

Jeff Taylor still looks to add a 250 trophy to his mantle before he ends his legendary career. The nine time champion is two for two at OPS this summer in his only appearances thus far. Derrick Griffith, Cassius Clark, and Dan Mackeage are always factors in any race they enter. Add in another 40 high quality drivers and teams and it doesn't take long to see on just about any driver can come home P1 on Any Given Sunday!

Tune in August 30th to find out if one of these drivers can finally shake the monkey off their back or if we will have another repeat winner. Race fans will be able to watch the Oxford 250 via a live PAY-PER-VIEW BROADCAST on Speed51. Discounted three-day tickets can be purchased HERE today for $50.

For more information

For marketing opportunities with the Oxford 250, PASS, or Oxford Plains please call 207-693-6497 and email or 207-577-1836 and email

To Sponsor a Lap or Several call Mary at (207) 693-6497.
Lady Luck a Big Factor for the 250
Oxford, ME - With the 47th Annual Oxford 250 less than two weeks away the attention turns to who will add one of the most prestigious short track racing crown jewels to their racing resume. Looking at the list of winners in the nearly half a century old race shows a who's who of racing. From Kyle Busch, Kevin Harvick, Mike and Ben Rowe, Dave Dion, and Geoff Bodine to Ricky Craven, Travis Benjamin, Dick McCabe, Junior Hanley and Bubba Pollard, the list of Oxford 250 champions is quite literally littered with some of the most successful drivers in American auto racing history. There is one list, however, that some very accomplished drivers would rather take their name off and that's the list of non-winners of the Oxford 250.

In its 46 years of history to this point, the Oxford 250 is known as a race that demands a perfect day. From the luck of the draw to get a good heat race starting spot, to the dynamic of mid-day qualifying that leads into a sunset green flag and ultimately a finish under the lights on a finicky 3/8 mile oval, winning teams must be prepared to react to ever changing conditions. And any team that successfully accomplishes that must still hope and pray that lady luck is on their side. Six time Pro All Stars Series (PASS) champion Johnny Clark has more than once fallen victim to the fickle lady luck. "One year we led around 125 laps and had a dominant car when we got caught up in a crash not of our doing late in the race that took us out. Another year we were leading with less than a 20 to go when a late race spin brought Mike Rowe to my rear bumper on fresh tires and I just couldn't hold him off. We just haven't had the breaks go our way yet."

Clark is not alone. Looking back in history some of the biggest names in Short track racing never held a 250 trophy. Robbie Crouch, Morgan Shepherd, Homer Drew, Leland Kangas, and Dale Shaw all ended their racing careers without a 250 triumph, while veritable dark horses like Jeremie Whorff, Larry Gelinas, and Don Biederman have had lady luck on their side and enjoyed the spoils of victory.

Defending PASS champion DJ Shaw hopes to finally etch the family name in the record books once and for all. "Nobody in the family has ever won it, so it would be huge for all of us if I could finally pull it off!" said Shaw. "It would certainly be the highest achievement I could ever get in my life." DJ grew up watching several family members compete in and fall just short of victory in the Crown Jewel. Father Dale participated in over twenty 250's and fell about a half a car length short of victory to Dave Dion in 1992.

Certainly one of the most successful drivers in Oxford Plains Speedway (OPS) history is nine time champion Jeff Taylor who has also yet to carry the checkered flag. Taylor, a perennial favorite when he races, has twice been runner-up and nearly a dozen times finished in the top 10 in his 20+ starts in the 250. On more the one occasion the chassis builder has appeared on his way to victory, but has thus far been denied in a certain Hall of Fame career. Taylor dominated a 100 lap open race at OPS earlier in the 2020 season to serve notice this may be his year, if Lady Luck decides to shine her light on his way.

Timmy Bracket, unofficially the record holder for the most laps ever turned at OPS in history, is another multi time champion who has not seen much luck in the Oxford 250. When asked what it would mean to him to win the race at this point in his career, "It would be a dream come true- Icing on the cake for my racing career. For a Saturday Night Racer it's the biggest win you could have." Bracket, a 35 year veteran at OPS and likely approaching the twilight of his career was also asked if his career concludes without that elusive win, would that be ok. "I guess it would have to be ok because it's a very difficult race to win, especially for a regular racer and I've given it plenty of shots. Though I this year is my best chance!"

Clark and Shaw when asked the same question expressed a bit more regret. "It would eat at me," Clark said. "Probably more than it would anyone else. We have won a lot of big money races, we have 40 Pass wins and six championships, but the one thing that's missing is the 250." Shaw echoed the Clark's comments. "I wouldn't feel unsuccessful, but I certainly would feel like my career wasn't complete, like there was something missing."

These four drivers are not alone on the entry list in their quest for their first 250 triumph after a dozen or more starts. Cassius Clark has led 100's of laps in previous races. Alan Wilson was less than a dozen laps from victory in 2004 before an off track excursion. Kelly Moore has over 20 starts and a championship at OPS. Shawn Martin is a 20+ year veteran at the oval. Jeff White has lead laps and been in a nearly 15 races. Tracey Gordon was overtaken by Ralph Nason late in the 1998 edition.

We are less than two weeks away. Tune in August 30th to find out if one of these drivers can finally shake the monkey off their back or if we will have another repeat winner. Race fans will be able to watch the Oxford 250 via a live PAY-PER-VIEW BROADCAST on Speed51. Discounted three-day tickets can be purchased today for $50. Order your video ticket for the 47th Annual Oxford 250 today by clicking here.

For more information visit

For marketing opportunities with the Oxford 250, PASS, or Oxford Plains please call 207-693-6497 and email  or 207-577-1836 and email To Sponsor a Lap or Several (207) 693-6497.

ACT Starts Big Stretch with
150 at Oxford on Saturday
Waterbury, VT -- The American-Canadian Tour (ACT) travels north to Maine's Oxford Plains Speedway this Saturday, August 29 for round six of the 2020 season. A special "Night Before the 250" card also kicks off a three-week stretch that could decide who wins the 29th ACT Late Model Tour championship.

Saturday's 150-lap event is the second of three visits this year to the famous 3/8-mile oval. While it may officially be the undercard to Sunday's Oxford 250, the Saturday program will be star-studded in its own right with household names such as Jimmy Hebert, D.J. Shaw, Ryan Kuhn, Bryan Kruczek, and Dillon Moltz trying to grab the glory.

Eight days after the Oxford 150, the ACT Late Model Tour is back at Barre, VT's Thunder Road for the Optical Expressions Berlin Labor Day Classic 200. Then on Friday, September 11 and Saturday, September 12, ACT invades New Hampshire Motor Speedway as part of Full Throttle Weekend. Three events in 15 days on three of the biggest stages in New England means everyone will need to be on-point if they want to bring home some trophies.

The battle starts at the top for the 2020 ACT championship. It is still a three-horse race between Williamstown, VT's Hebert, Center Conway, NH's Shaw, and East Bridgewater, MA's Kuhn. Each is at a different stage of their racing career, but for all, an ACT title would be a crowning achievement.

Hebert has been nearly unstoppable this year, finding his way onto the podium at four of the five events contested to date. Despite this, he still only has a 12-point edge over Shaw, who has been just as fast and simply needs a little good luck to go with it.

The Gardiner & June Leavitt Memorial 150 last time out was a textbook example. Hebert steadily worked his way through the field to finish second while Shaw cut a tire mid-race and still rallied to finish fourth. Kuhn earned his first podium finish of the year in the same event, and if the 19-year-old can snare his first ACT win, he would cut a big chunk off the current 32-point gap to Hebert.

The man to beat at Oxford, though, could well be 4th-place point drive Bryan Kruczek. The Newmarket, NH veteran had a rough start to 2020, which included losing an axle in the first Oxford event as he was running in the top-three. However, he dominated at Riverside Speedway, leading all but one lap on the way to victory. Kruczek swept last year's events at Oxford, and he knows he needs to keep winning to have a chance at the title.

There are plenty of other things to watch when the feature rolls onto the track Saturday. West Burke, VT's Jesse Switser sits fifth in points in his first full-time ACT season with low-bucker Dylan Payea not far behind. Graniteville, VT's Stephen Donahue and his father John Donahue are fast almost every time out but are searching desperately for some good luck. Meanwhile, Derek Gluchacki, Marcel J. Gravel, and Tom Carey III are locked in a close battle for Rookie of the Year.

Several other intriguing names will be added to the mix as they often are at Oxford. New Sharon, ME's Dillon Moltz is making his first ACT appearance since winning $10,000 in the Midsummer Classic 250. Turner, ME's Ben Rowe is doing double-duty in the ACT event and the Oxford 250. N. Haverhill, NH's Ryan Olsen was fast at the first trip to Oxford before fading late. Southern New England racers Randy Cole and Mike Benevides are also planning a trip north to be part of the Night Before the 250.

The ACT Late Model Tour heads to Maine's Oxford Plains Speedway this Saturday, August 29 at 4:30pm for the "Night Before the 250". The Oxford Plains 150 is part a program that also includes the PASS Modifieds, Oxford Street Stocks, Northeast Classic Lites, and Wicked Good Vintage Racing Association.

The full event will be broadcast live for $20 on Speed51 TV at Spectator attendance is not permitted at this time due to state health and safety guidelines.

For more information, contact the ACT offices at (802) 244-6963,, or visit You can also get updates on Facebook and Twitter at @ACTTour.
Photo by Alan Ward