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Sunday, August 27th, 2023

We would like to sincerely thank everyone who helped make the 50th Oxford 250 a success.

Thanks to the staff of Oxford Plains and PASS Racing. From prep work to event work to the clean up afterwards, it would not be possible without you.

Thanks to the race teams, owners, drivers and teams and your families. It takes a lot of work to get to the 250 and all of you are very much appreciated.

Thanks to the Oxford Public Safety personnel and support from surrounding towns, who keep everyone safe during these large events.

And last but not least thank you to you the fans, who support Oxford Plains Speedway and PASS Racing, not just for the 250, but every race. Without you this would not be possible.

Here’s to 2024, and the 51st Oxford 250!

Sincere Thanks,

Tom Mayberry and Mike Mayberry

50th Annual Spencer Paving Group Oxford 250
1) 53 - Cole Butcher - 250 Laps
2) 73d - Joey Doiron - 250
3) 60s - DJ Shaw - 250
4) 54 - Johnny Clark - 250
5) 47 - Gabe Brown - 250
6) 39 - Max Cookson - 250
7) 20 - Joey Pastore - 250
8) 44 - Trevor Sanborn - 250
9) 12g - Derek Griffith - 250
10) 29t - Austin Teras - 250
11) 72ma - Ryan Kuhn - 250
12) 94 - Garrett Hall - 250
13) 15h - Mike Hopkins - 250
14) 00r - Jimmy Renfrew Jr. - 250
15) 32 - Dave Farrington Jr. - 250
16) 1 - Kyle Desouza - 250
17) 88t - Jeff Taylor - 250
18) 88 - Brandon Barker - 250
19) 5 - Ben Rowe - 249
20) 17ma - Eddie MacDonald - 249
21) 50 - Andy Shaw - 249
22) 61 - TJ Brackett - 249
23) 7b - Travis Benjamin - 249
24) 38 - Garret Lamb - 248
25) 7g - Curtis Gerry - 248
26) 2 - Nick Cusak - 248
27) 10 - Kate Re - 248
28) 24 - Mike Rowe - 234
29) 18s - Michael Scorzelli - 233
30) 12x - Corey Bubar - 212
31) 45 - Austin Theriault - 211
32) 26 - Bubba Pollard - 208
33) 5m - DIllon Moltz - 208
34) 3b - Travis Buzzell - 191
35) 36 - Ryan Robbins - 186
36) 58vt - Jimmy Hebert - 183
37) 03 - Scott Moore - 173
38) 12 - Dennis Spencer - 81
39) 52 - Colby Benjamin - 81
40) 01 - Steve Chicoine - 81
41) 99me - Ben Ashline - 75
Lap leaders: Renfrew 1-6 (6), Hopkins 7-21 (15), Cookson 22-140 (119),
Gerry 141-180 (40), Barker 181-183 (3), Doiron 184-208 & 210-223 (39),
J. Clark 208 (1), and Butcher 224-250 (27).
Cautions: 12
Heat Race Winners: Renfrew, Butcher, Hopkins, M.Rowe, Cookson
Consis: DeSouza, Moore, Taylor
Last Chance Qualifier: Gerry
Provisionals: Re, Scorzelli, Doiron
at the 50th OXFORD 250
by Zach Evans www.racingamerica.com
Cole Butcher wrote his name into a special chapter of the Oxford 250 history books in more ways than one on Sunday evening.

Butcher won the 50th Annual Spencer Group Paving Oxford 250 on Sunday, taking the lead on lap 224 from Joey Doiron. With the win on the event's golden anniversary, Butcher became the first back-to-back winner of the event in nearly a decade.

"I can't thank Butcher Racing, everybody, Distance Race Cars enough," said Butcher. "We worked hard. These guys are the reason why I won. They had a hell of a pit stop. Unbelievable, two in a row, 50th anniversary, thank you Tom Mayberry, Mike Mayberry, Jason Ricker, PASS, it's awesome."

Despite winning his heat race to start the day, Butcher found himself quickly in the rear of the field. On lap seven, Butcher made contact with Jimmy Renfrew, Jr. in a battle for the lead, sending Renfrew spinning and Butcher to the rear of the field for his role in the incident.

"I got a little bit too hot early in the race and got into the 00 [of Renfrew]," said Butcher. "I apologize to them and their crew. It's unreal."

Nevertheless, the Nova Scotia native worked his way back through the field, muscling by Doiron with 27 laps to go and winning by a little more than a second.

With the win, Cole Butcher joins the list of back-to-back Oxford 250 winners. Others who have accomplished the feat include Geoff Bodine (1980-81), Ralph Nason (1998-2000), Ben Rowe (2003-04), Eddie MacDonald (2009-10), and Travis Benjamin (2013-14).

Doiron had an impressive drive of his own, starting in the final spot of the 41-car field with a provisional. Doiron inherited the lead on lap 184 when Brandon Barker inherited the top spot, and held off an advance from Johnny Clark before ultimately finishing behind Butcher.

"I knew the 53 [of Butcher] was going to be coming," said Doiron. "You can look at the hood, he doesn't pass anybody. It is what it is. He was better once he was out in front. I just got too tight behind him.

"Hopefully, one of these years, we'll be able to get the top step on the podium. We'll keep coming back until then."

D.J. Shaw completed the podium, bouncing back from a spin earlier in the race of his own to get back into the top three.

"It was a good, solid night, all in all. We had a good strategy," said Shaw. "I kind of skirted up there and got on the curb when we took two [tires]. I lost a lot of track position and got turned around. We had to ride it out there, it took a long time for it to come in on that run.

"We got by Cole and I thought we were sitting in a good spot. We didn't have quite enough on our last set, but we got up there and finished where we deserved."

Johnny Clark and Gabe Brown rounded out the top five. Max Cookson led nearly 120 laps during the first half of the race before finishing sixth, followed by Joey Pastore, Trevor Sanborn, Derek Griffith and Austin Teras.

KENNEBEC PASS MODS Race Presented by
TK & Sons Concrete Foundations Inc.
TK & Sons on facebook
TK & Sons Concrete/Kennebec Rental PASS MODS
1) 1v- Brandon Varney - 50 Laps
2) 83 - Dan Brown - 50
3) 52 - Ben Tinker - 50
4) 34 - Spencer Morse - 50
5) 13 - Evan Roy - 50
6) 66 - Jacob Maines - 50
7) 09x - Silas Ripley - 50
8) 9 - Alex Richer - 50
9) 7 - Spencer Vaughan - 50
10) 70 - Ryan Hewins - 50
11) 0 - Wayne Whitten - 50
12) 33 - Dan Morris - 50
13) 26 - Garritt McKee - 50
14) 28 - Kevin Oliver  - 49
15) 41 - Mike Nichols - 49
16) 33me - Billy Dixon - 43
17) 34r - Tyler Robbins - 36
18) 1x - Jacob Hethcoat - 20
19) 12 - Jimmy Emerson - 8
20) 44 - Ashley Beyea - 4
21) 85 - Chanler Harrison - 2
DQ - 6x - Zach Bowie
NESS Supermodifieds (50 Laps)
1) 52 - Vern Romanoski - 50 Laps
2) 45 - Matt Swanson - 50
3) 13 - Bobby Timmons - 50
4) 11 - Ben Seitz - 50
5) 97 - Russ Wood - 49
6) 25 - Dan Bowes - 49
7) 51 - Dave Duggan - 43
8) ) 5 - Rob Summers - 23

Dow Excavation Inc. Limiteds (35 laps)
1) 27p - Bubba Pelton
2) 34 - Dylan Thyng
3) 1 - Christopher Smith
4) 36 - Nate Leavitt
5) 89 - Ryan Phillips
6) 00 - PJ Merrill
7) 3c - Charlie Sanborn
8) 20 - Frank Wear
9) 2 - Colby Meserve
10) 70 - Ricky Thompson Jr.
11) 07 - Rick Thompson
12) 0 - Alex Smith
13) 35 - Kristina Nadeau
14) 21 - Clark Brooks
15) 32 - Natasha Dyer
Richard Spaulding Roofing Specialist Street Stocks
1) 80x - Clyde Hennessey
2) 55j - Brandon Johnson
3) 3 - Joey Israelson
4) 82 - Chaz Briggs
5) 23e - Jonathan Emerson
6) 1 - Billy Childs Jr.
7) 34 - Ashton Burgess
8) 36 - Rick Spaulding
9) 4e - Caleb Emmerson-Mains
10) 2x - Derek Burnham
11) 23 - Joe Morse
12) 99 - George Haskell
13) 20 - Garret Leighter
14) 1x - David Lancaster
15) 28 - James Doucette
16) 38 - Joey Doiron
17) 8x - Mike Roe
18) 47 - Brian Caswell
19)  74 - Troy Paatterson
Cooley’s Commercial Tires Mad Bombers
presented by Oxford Auto Salvage - 207-539-9673
1) 7 - Kyle Richardson
2) 26 - Corey Morgan
3) 43 - Justin Gallioux
4) 37 - Nate Barth
5) 42 - Tyler Jalbert
6) 2 - Dave Cameron
7) 29 - Tyler Jordan
8) 88 - Johnny Wolfe
9) 4 - Cody Macomber
10) 1 - Derek Mckeen
11) 63 - Dan Caswell
12) 47 - Taylor Graffam
13) 95 - Maddy Herrick
14) 85 - Jon Vargas
15) 63w - Adam Stearns
16) 33 - Michael Dearden
17) 32 - Tony Gibbons
18) 53 - Nick Wilson
19) 37r - Cam Richards
20) 3 - Thomas Brackett
21) 92 - Richard Lang-Bourgeois
22) 14 - Tyler Lerman
207 Brand Rebels (20 laps)
1) 94 - Cody Childs
2) 88c - Derek Cook
3) 18 - Dustin Salley
4) 17 - Trevor Ward
5) 0 - Matt Mahar
6) 44 - Jeff Libby
7) 42x - Ricky Austin
8) 2 - Butch Keene
9) 9 - Noah Norton
10) 7 - Shane Webber
11)14 - Adam Oneil
12) 19 - Gregg Norton
13) 60 - Addie McDaniel
14) 00 - Chris Giguere
15) 96t - - - - -
16) 14x - Phillip Oneil
17) 88d - Donnie Fletcher
18) 96 - Conrad Childs
19) 48 - Keegan Meserve
New England Pro 4 Modifieds
Finishing order: 5, 1a, 67, 0, 4, 007, 15, 30, 10, 25, 03, 55, 57
Photos by
Sharon Perry

Wednesday, August 23, 2023 at Noon

Photos by
Sharon Perry


Photo from the Ken MacIsaac Collection
Three-time winner Dave Dion named
Grand Marshall for 50th annual Oxford 250

New England icons Dion, Kourafas, Aube
to attend Milestone Event
OXFORD, Maine (Aug. 18, 2023) -- As the nation's richest single-day short track stock car race prepares to celebrate a major milestone, the effort to recognize racers who played a role in its history moves forward.

Oxford Plains Speedway track owner Tom Mayberry announced on Friday that Dave Dion, one of the most prolific winners in northeastern Late Model history, will serve as Grand Marshall for the upcoming 50th annual Spencer Group Paving Oxford 250 on Sunday, August 27.

Dion, who along with his famed Dion Brothers Racing Team, won the 250 in 1975, 1985 and again in 1992. Always quick to credit his brothers for the team's success, Dave has been a fan favorite across New England for generations. His presence at the 250 will rekindle memories from a bygone era.

"We're extremely excited to have Dave serve as our Grand Marshall this year," Mayberry said. "When it comes to high-profile drivers in Oxford 250 history, Dave is near the top of that list. He's always been a great ambassador for our sport, and we're honored to have him give the command to fire the engines."

Along with his duties as Grand Marshall giving that command and waving the initial Green Flag, Dion will join 1974 Oxford 200 winner Joey Kourafas and two-time 250 winner Jamie Aube in a special "Chat with 250 Legends" ceremony on the front stretch just before this year's field is introduced.

"Joey Kourafas stunned the racing world when he won the inaugural race back in 1974," Mayberry added. "He took on the established veterans in a big, newly-created race and beat the odds. We're thrilled to have him coming, along with Vermont racing legend Jamie Aube. They're stars in our sport."

Dion now resides in Florida and is heavily involved with the Living Legends of Auto Racing. The group recognizes important contributions to stock car racing across the country. He spends his summers here in New England, and says he's looking forward to celebrating this 250 milestone on August 27.

"The 250 is such a huge deal, and always has been to racers all over the country," Dion said. "All three of my wins were different, but I'll remember how those races played out forever. My longtime friend Mike Rowe called me recently to ask if I was coming, but I wasn't sure at the time."

"Now that I have this honor, I'm beyond excited to go up and see not only Mike but several other old friends, as well. We always had a great time when we raced at Oxford. My memories of when Bob Bahre ran the track are priceless. That was a very special time in New England racing history."

To many race fans around northern New England, the names Dion, Kourafas and Aube will bring back memories of epic battles and thrilling wins. We're all blessed these icons of our sport are still able and willing to join in this milestone celebration. Cameras and Sharpies will be out in force on 250 Sunday.


Cassius Clark #13, Curtis Geery #7g, and Joey Doiron #21 in 2021
50th Annual Spencer Group Paving
Oxford 250 Preview
Oxford ME - As the calendar edges closer and closer to the 50th annual Spencer Group Paving (SGP) Oxford 250 , thoughts start to lean toward who might be the lucky driver wearing the winners wreath around 8:30 pm on August 27th. Sixty-eight of the best Super Late Model (SLM) drivers in the country have filed their intent to compete in the legendary race which may well be the biggest short track race in the history of the Northeast and beyond. In a normal year, just about every top Super Late Model team puts forth a concerted effort to etch their name in on the trophy next to previous winners. When it's the 50th annual event of one of the most storied short track races in the nation, those efforts become monumental.

"The Spencer Group Paving Oxford 250 is always one of the most competitive races we have every year," said PASS President Tom Mayberry. "This season has already been filled with some great competition and we really think that will translate into something special in August. We are all looking forward to seeing a very competitive 250 this year, with just about anyone having a chance to win."

No less than a dozen winners with 18 wins under their collective belt dot the entry list, including defending champion Cole Butcher, Mike and Ben Rowe, and Georgia's Bubba Pollard. Every one of those drivers are a year over year threat to win again.

Since 1974, 36 different drivers have won an Oxford 250. Nine of those drivers have been lucky enough to win multiple races with four drivers visiting 250 victory lane 3 times. Several drivers have won back to back titles including Geoff Bodine, Ben Rowe, and Eddie MacDonald while Ralph Nason is the only one to win three consecutive 250s. All 12 of the former winners entered are very capable of keeping the exclusive 250 winners club at that current number of 36 by parking their cars in victory lane.

There is another list that is to be examined as we lead into the 50th edition of one of the most difficult short track races in the nation. The list of non-winners entered would be enough to draw a crowd any day of the week. DJ Shaw is one such name that has been a constant front runner as he tries to become the first Shaw family driver to win the big one. Father Dale fell about a half a car length short to Dave Dion in 1992, and DJ himself has been a contender twice finishing third as his career best finishes. "It seems like this is a topic for us every year. Nobody in the family has ever won it, so it would be nice to finally win it and change the subject every August," said a smiling Shaw.

The list of veteran drivers entered so far that have yet to win a Spencer Group Paving Oxford 250, but have had a great deal of success all over New England and beyond is immense. Drivers like Joey Doiron, Dennis Spencer Jr., Alan Tardif, Tracy Gordon, Mike Hopkins, Austin Theriault, and Dave Farrington Jr. have all won Pro All Stars Series (PASS) races and/or touring and local championships. Add in front runners like Kyle DeSouza, Shawn Knight, Ryan Robbins, father-son combos Mike and Ben Rowe and TJ and Tim Brackett, and the list of potential winners gets deeper.

Among the single time winners looking to enter that exclusive group of multiple winners the aforementioned defending Champion Cole Butcher who hopes to become the sixth driver to go back to back, Cassius Clark and Johnny Clark look to capitalize on recent success, and Jeremie Whorff hopes to show his win in 2006 was no fluke. Curtis Gerry and Glen Luce hope to recapture the glory that made them both 250 winners in the not so distant past.

One other category not to be over looked are the list of "young guns" entered into the 50th annual race. Nineteen year old Kulwicki Development Driver Program (KDDP) candidate Max Cookson leads the way of this group. Cookson is the current points leader at OPS as well as on the PASS tour both National and North Overall points.

Austin Teras has won three times in five starts in two different cars at OPS, including back to back PASS 150 triumphs putting his name near the top of favorites.

Derek Griffith, Gabe Brown, and Jimmy Renfrew are three more drivers who consistently lurk near the top of the speed charts and near the front of any race. Add in Joe Pastore who led over half the race in 2022, PASS 2022 champion Ryan Kuhn, multi-time winner Garrett Hall, and Brandon Barker as a few more drivers capable of running at the front.

The 49 year history of the Oxford 250 shows that the fickle finger of fate sometimes points to a completely unexpected winner. Independent racer Don Biederman in 1977, 19 year old Tom Rotati in 1979, Larry Gelinas in 1996, Gary Drew in 2001, and relative unknown Roger Brown in 2007 all flew under the radar leading into their respective victories.

2023 features several drivers who quietly exhibit enough speed to find themselves competing for the checkered flag on August 27th. At the front of the dark horse list is Scott Moore from North Anson Maine. Moore has quietly put together a solid season at OPS ranking number two in the hard charger category which is a statistic that represents how many cars a driver has passed throughout the season. Youngster Kate Re has also had a resurgent 2023 campaign scoring a pair of podium finishes in weekly competition and a win in late July. Steve Chicoine and Calvin Rose Jr. have also spent a significant amount of time running near the front. Add in Scott McDaniel, Evan Hallstrom, Jimmy Hebert, Ben Ashline, Corey Bubar, and Josh St. Clair and it's easy to see the winner could easily come from an unexpected driver.

With sixty-one of the best drivers already registered for one if the biggest races in OPS history the 50th annual Spencer Group Paving Oxford 250 promises to be one for the record books no matter how you stack it!

For more information on Oxford Plains Speedway or tickets call the speedway office at 207-539-8865 and be sure to follow on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Official-Page-of-Oxford-Plains-Speedway.

For marketing opportunities call 207-693-6497 or email passracing@roadrunner.com  or 207-577-1836 or email opsmarketing@yahoo.com.


50th OXFORD 250
Unique 250 Lap Leader Program
Announced for the 50th Annual
Spencer Group Paving Oxford 250
Oxford ME - Officials from Oxford Plains Speedway (OPS) and the Pro all Stars Series (PASS) announced that that laps for the 50th Annual Spencer Group Paving Oxford 250 are officially for on sale for anyone wishing to sponsor a lap. One Hundred percent of ALL sponsorship money goes directly to the driver of that lap. In a unique twist, OPS and PASS President Tom Mayberry also announced that for the first time ever, lap money would be awarded to second and third place drivers on selected laps.

"We wanted to do something special for the 50th race this year," said Mayberry," so we came up with the idea of letting the sponsor of each lap decide if they want to also contribute to the 2nd and 3rd place competitors for their specified lap(s). This will be 100% the decision of the sponsor, and either way ALL proceeds will go to the driver(s)."

Every single 250 laps were sold in 2022 for the 49th annual edition of the late summer classic, and officials with OPS and PASS hope to accomplish the feat again in 2023 for the 50th race. Spencer Group Paving Oxford 250 lap boards can be seen at Oxford Plains.com and Proallstarssereies.com with a special designated mark for those that have added 2nd and 3rd place drivers to their sponsorship.

The lap leader program was introduced back in 1981 by a forward thinking Bob Bahre as a way to add a unique twist to the pit strategy of a 250 lap race. The initial program paid $50 per lap to the leader, before growing to $100 per lap in 1984 and where it has stayed since that time. 2023 will mark the first time in the race's history that lap money will be paid to someone other than the leader.

Many racers have utilized the lap money as a way to insure a big payday regardless of finishing position. Joe Pastore, in 2022, led well over 120 laps in route to a five figure pay day. However, the driver of the number 20 arguably cost himself a chance at victory as he eventually ran out of gas and finished well back in the field at the end of the day.

"It seems like the lap money almost always plays a factor in race strategy. It will be interesting to see if 2nd and 3rd place drivers let that money affect their decisions as the race progresses," said Mayberry.

Yearly lap sponsor renewals have been coming in at a brisk pace, OPS officials report. Only a little over 100 laps are still up for grabs for the landmark 50th 250. Drivers are excited for the new twist.

"I think that is a pretty neat deal," said driver Dennis Spencer Jr. "I know I have run 2nd or 3rd at times in some 250's and it would have been nice to collect some lap money for that. I'm glad to be a part of that this year."

Laps sponsors are made available to businesses for advertising purposes. Those sponsoring 3 lap blocks or more are able to include a logo and number or link on the leaderboards. Additionally, laps are also offered to individuals who wish to send a message of support to their favorite driver, celebrate a birthday, or even in memory of a loved one. All lap sponsors are displayed on the website and in person at the speedway with a billboard in the main concourse.

With the 50th annual Spencer Group Paving Oxford 250 less than 60 days away, now is the time to purchase your lap(s) to be a part of the biggest short track race in the History of Oxford Plains Speedway!

To sponsor a lap or many, contact Mary between 9am and 7pm at 207-693-6497 or Kevin at 207-577-1836.

For the most up to date information www.oxfordplains.com
or facebook.com/Official-Page-of-Oxford-Plains-Speedway.

For Marketing opportunities with the Pro All Stars Series, Oxford Plains Speedway, or the Oxford 250 please email passracing@roadrunner.com, opsmarketing@yahoo.com or call 207-577-1836
50th OXFORD 250


Spencer Group Paving to
Headline the 50
th Oxford 250

Oxford ME -- Officials at Oxford Plains Speedway (OPS) announced today that Spencer Group Paving (SGP) has signed on as the headline sponsor for the 50th Annual Oxford 250. The milestone event of the legendary race will be contested on August 27th, 2023.

"Spencer Group Paving has been a tremendous supporter of Oxford Plains Speedway and The Pro All Stars Series over the last four or five years. I can't think of a better partner for one of the biggest races in North America," said OPS owner Tom Mayberry. "Locking this in a few months in advance also allows us to put our focus on making it the best race we can."

Nearly 60 drivers have already sent in entries for the 50th Annual Spencer Group Paving Oxford 250, with many more expected over the next 90 days. Former winners Bubba Pollard and Cassius Clark, are the most recent to declare, joining defending champion Cole Butcher.

"I grew up watching my racing heroes and dreaming about competing in the Oxford 250," said SGP President and Super Late Model competitor Dennis Spencer Jr. "To be able to actually put our name on such a big race in its 50th year is beyond anything I had ever considered. When Tom (Mayberry) approached me about this, it was a no brainer really."

Founded in 2011, SGP is a mid-sized paving company based in Turner Maine, specializing in MDOT roads, town roads, and large scale parking lots. Spencer Paving Group prides themselves in quality of work and superior craftsmanship.

"We are going to be working with Dennis and his team on some things around the speedway to help improve the physical plant for the upcoming race," said Mayberry. "SGP has done work for us before, and it has always been top notch."

Mayberry also noted some other special items were in store for the 50th edition of the Spencer Group Paving Oxford 250 that would be announced in the coming months. One such special event is the $100 lap leader program has been extended to $150 per lap. Under this celebration format, the lap leader will still receive the traditional $100 per lap led, but for the selected laps, position 2 will pay $30, and position 3 will pay $20. 50th 250 Lap Board HERE

"I think that is a pretty neat deal," said Spencer. "I know I have run 2nd or 3rd at times in some 250s and it would have been nice to collect some lap money for that. I'm glad to be a part of that this year."

A pedigree of notable racers over the previous years has made the Spencer Group Paving Oxford 250 one of the most prestigious short track races in the land that seems to sit on the bucket list of some of the most successful drivers. Notable national drivers like Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick entered and won well after their careers were established. Others like Ricky Craven and Chuck Bown used wins in the historic race to propel their careers forward.

"With the caliber of entries we have so far, I think this could be the most competitive 250 yet," said Mayberry.

No matter the background, every driver wants to etch their name in that trophy as the 50th all time winner of the Spencer Group Paving Oxford 250.

For more information on Spencer Group Paving visit spencergrouppaving.com, or call 207-225-2159.

For more information on Oxford Plains Speedway or tickets call the speedway office at 207-539-8865.

For the most up to date information oxfordplains.com
 or facebook.com/Official-Page-of-Oxford-Plains-Speedway.

For marketing opportunities as a part of the 250 or others please call 207-577-1836 or inquire at opsmarketing@yahoo.com.

TK & Sons Concrete Foundations Backing
Oxford 250 Weekend PASS MODS Races
Naples, ME -- Officials with the Pro All Stars Series (PASS) and PASS MODS have announced that TK & Sons Concrete Foundations Inc. has backed the pair of races slated for Oxford 250 weekend. The PASS MODS Series has been a part of the Northeast's biggest weekend in short track racing for over a decade and will pay the winners of each race $1000 with extra pay

"The PASS MODS series has always been a great part of the 250 weekend," said Pass president Tom Mayberry. "We see this year's doubleheader during the 50th edition of the Oxford 250 no different."

TK & Sons Concrete Foundations Inc. has been pouring concrete floors, foundations, driveways, and even recreational projects like pools and patio's for over 25 years. Based in Oxford, TK & Sons Concrete consistently works hard to provide clients with the absolute best end product and overall experience on every project.

"We really enjoy the PASS MODS Series, and wanted to do what we could to help them on their biggest race weekend of the season," said TK & Sons Concrete owner Tim Douglas. "PASS MODS put on some really good racing every year."

TK& Sons Concrete Floors is a family owned company that has been in business serving the Oxford Hills area and beyond for all of your concrete needs, retaining walls, and much more. TK & Sons has the experience to execute your vision.

For more information https://tksonsconcretefondationsinc.business.site
and https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100063610058472

The 50th Annual Oxford 250 weekend begins on Thursday August 24th with hauler parking and the kickoff party, followed by racing Friday night at 5pm. The Kennebec Equipment Rental PASS MODS presented by TK & Sons Concrete will make their first start of the weekend for the Saturday show at 4pm, and round out their weekend on Sunday at 1:30. www.Oxfordplains.com

For technical information concerning all PASS divisions please contact passracing@roadrunner.com.Don't forget to "Like" the Pro All Stars Series and the PASS MODS touring series on Facebook.

To take advantage of marketing opportunities at Oxford Plains Speedway please call 207-577-1836 or inquire at