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Route 26, Oxford, ME  Phone: (207) 539-8865 
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Multiple winners
3, Dave Dion (75, 85, 92)
3, Ralph Nason (98, 99, 00)
3, Mike Rowe (84, 97, 05)
2, Jamie Aube (87, 89)
2, Geoff Bodine (80, 81)
2, Chuck Bown (86, 90)
2, Eddie MacDonald (09, 10)
2, Ben Rowe (03, 04)

Largest winners purse
$52,150, Dave Whitlock (1995)

Smallest winners purse
$4,500 Joey Kourafas (1974)
$4,500 Dave Dion (1975)

Most career earnings
$187,715, Ralph Nason

Most career earnings for non-winner
$66,420, Tracy Gordon

First Maine winner
Mike Rowe (1984)

Last Maine winner
Jeremie Whorff (2006)

First Canadian winner
Don Biederman (1977)

Last Canadian winner
Dave Whitlock (1995)

Multiple runner-up finishes
3, Robbie Crouch (81, 84, 86)
3, Butch Lindl
ey (77, 80, 82)
2, Tracy Gordon (97, 98)

2, Tommy Houston (90, 91)
2, Ben Rowe (99, 00)

Multiple top-3 finishes
6, Butch Lindley (1st-76, 2nd-77, 3rd-78, 2nd-80, 2nd-82, 3rd-84)
5, Dave Dion (1st-75, 1st-85, 3rd-86, 2nd-87, 1st-92)
5, Joey Kourafas (1st-74, 3rd-76, 2nd-85, 3rd-87, 3rd-90)
5, Dick McCabe (3rd-82, 2nd-83, 3rd-85, 1st-88, 2nd-89)
5, Ralph Nason (2nd-76, 1st-98, 1st-99, 1st-00, 3rd-01)
5, Mike Rowe (1st-84, 1st-97, 3rd-98, 2nd-02, 1st-05)
4, Ben Rowe (2nd-99, 2nd-00, 1st-03, 1st-04)
3, Robbie Crouch (2nd-81, 2nd-84, 2nd-86)
3, Gary Drew (3rd-97, 1st-01, 3rd-03)
3, Tracy Gordon (3rd-95, 2nd-97, 2nd-98)
3, Bob Pressley (3rd-77, 1st-78, 3rd-79)
2, Jamie Aube (1st-87, 1st-89)
2, Geoff Bodine (1st-80, 1st-81)
2, Chuck Bown (1st-86, 1st-90)
2, Tommy Houston (2nd-90, 2nd-91)
2, Eddie MacDonald (1st-09, 1st-10)
2, Joey Polewarczyk, Jr. (3rd-08, 1st-12)
2, Scott Robbins (2nd-01, 1st-02)
2, George Summers (3rd-74, 2nd-75)
2, Austin Theriault (3rd-11, 3rd-12)

Only driver to win after finishing last the previous year
Larry Gelinas (1996)

Only driver to win after finishing second the previous year
Scott Robbins (2002)

Only driver to win last chance race and 250 in same year
Mike Rowe (2005)

Most Times Qualified
30, Mike Rowe (of attempted years, missed 1975, 1977, 1987)

Youngest winner
Tom Rosati, 19 (1979)

Oldest winner
Ralph Nason, 60 (2000)

Only woman to start
Karen Schulz, started and finished 42nd (1989)

Largest field
47 (1988)

Smallest field
36 (1978-1981)

Most pole positions
3, Junior Hanley (79, 82, 94)
2, Billy Clark (87, 91)
2, Dave Dion (75, 76)
2, Dale Shaw (00, 06)
2, Morgan Shepherd (77, 78)

Winners from the pole position
Dave Dion (1975)
Geoff Bodine (1981)
Larry Gelinas (1996)
Gary Drew (2001)
Ben Rowe (2003)

Most last place finishes
2, Keith Cavanaugh (78, 84)
2, Jeff Stevens (88, 98)

Worst starting position for champion
37th, Mike Rowe (2005)

Second worst starting position for champion
30th, Roger Brown (2007)

Most positions gained from start to finish
8 (41st-3rd), Matt Kenseth (2004)

1979 - postponed one week
1986 - held the next day
1991 - delayed, ran same day
2008 - held the next day

Most Cautions
21 in 1997

Father/Son champions
Rowe, Mike (84, 97, 05) & Ben (03, 04)

Father/Son qualifiers
Allison, Bobby & Davey
Babb, Bob & Bobby
Babb, George & Jerry
Brackett, Tim and T.J.
Clark, Billy and Cassius
Cusack, Ralph & Glenn
Darveau, Dave Sr.& Dave Jr.
Demers, Dennis & Trampas
Dragon, Beaver & Brent
Drew, Homer & Gary
Fraser, Frank & Scott
Gerry, Bob and Brockie
Lynch, David & Derek
Maietta, Mike Sr. & Mike Jr.
Pressley, Bob & Robert
Ripley, Doug & Daren
Rowe, Mike, Ben & Tom
Shaw, Dale & D.J.
Shaw, Henry Jr. & Andy
Tripp, John & Bob
Wallace, Rusty & Steven
Whorff, Bill & Jeremie

Brother qualifiers
Bodine, Brett, Geoff & Todd
Bouchard, Ken & Ron
Burton, Jeff & Ward
Busch, Kurt
& Kyle
Dragon, Beaver & Bobby
Labonte, Bobby & Terry
Luce, Glen and Scott
Pinkham, David & Richard
Rosati, John & Tom
Rowe, Ben & Tom
Wallace, Kenny & Rusty

Most successful qualifying attempts by brothers
The Dragon Brothers, Beaver & Bobby, competed in the same TD Bank 250 ten times. (74, 76, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81, 83, 84, 85)

Grandfather/grandson qualifiers
Fadden, Stub & Olsen, Mike
St. Clair, Dave & Josh

1974 - History in the making
Al Grinnan leads the very first lap in Oxford 250 history. Joey Kourafas wins the 200-lap event when George Summers runs out of gas three circuits from the finish.

1975 - What's your price?
Dwayne "Tiny" Lund starts the race by buying a starting position from a previously qualified driver. Lund starts at the rear, 37th position, and finishes 22nd.

1976 - Bicentennial bash
Butch Lindley beats Maine's Ralph Nason in a result that's still disputed by some to this day.

1978 - Makin' it look easy
Bob Pressley leads 213 laps en route to victory.

1979 - Where's Junior?
Junior Hanley qualifies on the pole, but does not compete. Hanley was unable to make the show after the race was rained out and rescheduled for the following week. Tom Rosati became the youngest race winner.

1980 - When gas cost $20,000 a gallon
Geoff Bodine and Butch Lindley duel for the win. Lindley runs out of fuel on the final lap. Bodine's tank goes dry on his victory lap.

1981 - Show me the money
Lap money is offered for the first time in the race's history.

1982 - Don't you forget about me
Mike Barry comes back after being a lap down to win.

1983 - Junkyard dog
Tommy Ellis drives from 26th starting position to win, In his victory lane interview, "Terrible Tommy" decries the local "junkers" he was forced to pass.

1984 - Lucky 6
Mike Rowe becomes the only driver to win with a V-6 under the hood. Chuck Bown was the first to qualify with the engine in 1983, he finished 22nd.

1984 - Who's In Front?
The race featured 17 lead changes between Geoff Bodine, Robbie Crouch, Morgan Shepherd Dick McCabe and race winner Mike Rowe.

1985 - The one that counts
Dave Dion wins by leading only the final lap.

1987 - Marathon, not a sprint
Jamie Aube makes his move over the final 50 laps, taking the lead when OPS weekly racer Billy Clark stops for fuel, and picks up the first of his two 250 titles

1989 - Movin' on up
Ricky Craven finishes sixth after starting 43rd.

1989 - Generation Gap
Stub Fadden and Mike Olsen become the only grandfather and grandson to qualify for the race. Stub finished 25th, Mike 17th.

1990 - Bown and determined
Chuck Bown outlasts Tommy Houston to win his second 250 en route to a NASCAR
Nationwide Series championship

1991 - On his way
Ricky Craven, future NASCAR Cup and
Nationwide Series Rookie of the Year, wins his home state's biggest race.

1992 - Glad he came
Dave Dion gets a phone call from track owner Michael Liberty, encouraging him to end his boycott of NASCAR and compete in the 250. Dion shows up and holds off Dale Shaw to become the first three-time winner.

1993 through 1995 - Oh, Canada
Junior Hanley, Derek Lynch and Dave Whitlock take the big prize north of the border, when the race was sanctioned by ACT.

1996 - Larry Who?
Relative unknown Larry Gelinas wins the pole, then wins the race when rookie Ben Rowe runs out of gas with two laps remaining.

1997 - Lucky 13
Thirteen years after his first victory, Mike Rowe sets a new record for most years between 250 triumphs

1998 through 2000 - King Ralph
Ralph Nason is the first driver to win three consecutive 250s.

2001 and 2002 - Home field advantage
Gary Drew and Scott Robbins give victory lane a local flavor.

2003 - Front Rowe
Ben Rowe starts on the pole, alongside his father and two-time champion, Mike Rowe. Ben won the event with Mike placing fourth.

2004 - NASCAR Cup Invasion
Defending NASCAR Cup champion Matt Kenseth and Cup superstar Kurt Busch compete in the TD Bank 250. Kenseth placed 3rd, Busch 13th.

2005 - They're back
Kenseth announces his intentions to return to the TD Bank 250 along with Busch's younger brother, Cup rookie Kyle Busch.

2005 - Worst to first
Mike Rowe cannot win the provisional starting spot for most recent race champion, meaning that he needs to win the 50-lap last chance race just to start 37th in the main event. He becomes the first driver in 250 history to win the non-qualifiers' event and the grand finale.

2006 - Family affair
Jeremie and Bill Whorff becoming the first son-father combo to run one-two in the 250, leading a field that includes NASCAR stars Kyle Busch, Denny Hamlin, Ricky Craven and J.J. Yeley.

2007 - Roger Dodger
"Rocket" Roger Brown tops a staggering field of 97 entries to win the first TD Bank 250 under the late model rules package.

2008 - Through the flood
Kevin Harvick overcomes a flurry of rain delays over the span of two days, wins the second Monday '250' in history and becomes the first active NASCAR Cup driver to do so.

2009 and 2010 - Eddie Mac wins back-to-back
Eddie MacDonald wins both the 2009 and 2010 TD Bank 250.

2010 - Domination and devastation
Brad Leighton dominates by leading 189 laps, only to finish 5th.

2011 - Buschwacked
NASCAR driver Kyle Busch put on one of the most impressive weekend performances in track history, winning not only the TD Bank 250, but the PASS 150 race the night before as well.

2012 - Outside Pole
Joey Polewarczyk, Jr. starts on the outside pole and dominates, leading 205 laps en route to victory and the largest winner's check since the 90's.


NASCAR champions that have competed in the Oxford 250

Sprint Cup

Bobby Allison
Kurt Busch
Jeff Gordon
Dale Jarrett
Matt Kenseth
Brad Keselowski
Bobby Labonte
Terry Labonte
Rusty Wallace
Darrell Waltrip


Chuck Bown
Kyle Busch
Tommy Ellis
David Green
Steve Grissom
Jack Ingram
Brad Keselowski
Bobby Labonte
Randy LaJoie
Rob Moroso
Joe Nemechek
Larry Pearson

K&N Pro Series East
Jamie Aube
Ricky Craven
Dave Dion
Joey Kourafas
Brad Leighton
Dick McCabe
Kelly Moore
Mike Olsen
Dale Shaw
Whelen Modified
Tony Hirschman
Jerry Marquis
Mike McLaughlin
Jimmy Spencer
Carl "Bugs" Stevens
Slim Jim All Pro
Hal Goodson
Freddie Query
Camping World Truck
Jack Sprague
Bobby Hamilton
Daytona 500 Winners

Bobby Allison
Davey Allison
Trevor Bayne
Geoffrey Bodine
Ward Burton
Jeff Gordon
Ernie Irvan
Dale Jarrett
Matt Kenseth
Kevin Harvick
Tiny Lund
Darrell Waltrip

Sprint Cup and Nationwide Drivers

Mike Alexander
Bobby Allison
Davey Allison
Trevor Bayne
Joe Bessey
Rich Bickle
Brett Bodine
Geoffrey Bodine
Todd Bodine
Ken Bouchard
Ron Bouchard
Chuck Bown
Jeff Burton
Ward Burton
Kurt Busch
Kyle Busch
Ricky Craven
Bill Dennis
Harry Gant
Jeff Gordon
David Green
Steve Grissom
Bobby Hamilton
Denny Hamlin
Ernie Irvan
Dale Jarrett
Matt Kenseth
Brad Keselowski
Bobby Labonte
Terry Labonte
Kevin Lepage
Chad Little
Tiny Lund
Mark Martin
Rick Mast
Joe Milliken
Joe Nemechek
Robert Pressley
Greg Sacks
Jimmy Spencer
Morgan Shephard
Billy Standridge
Kenny Wallace
Rusty Wallace
Steven Wallace
Darrell Waltrip
J.J. Yeley