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Spencer Group Paving to
Headline the 50
th Oxford 250

Oxford ME -- Officials at Oxford Plains Speedway (OPS) announced today that Spencer Group Paving (SGP) has signed on as the headline sponsor for the 50th Annual Oxford 250. The milestone event of the legendary race will be contested on August 27th, 2023.

"Spencer Group Paving has been a tremendous supporter of Oxford Plains Speedway and The Pro All Stars Series over the last four or five years. I can't think of a better partner for one of the biggest races in North America," said OPS owner Tom Mayberry. "Locking this in a few months in advance also allows us to put our focus on making it the best race we can."

Nearly 60 drivers have already sent in entries for the 50th Annual Spencer Group Paving Oxford 250, with many more expected over the next 90 days. Former winners Bubba Pollard and Cassius Clark, are the most recent to declare, joining defending champion Cole Butcher.

"I grew up watching my racing heroes and dreaming about competing in the Oxford 250," said SGP President and Super Late Model competitor Dennis Spencer Jr. "To be able to actually put our name on such a big race in its 50th year is beyond anything I had ever considered. When Tom (Mayberry) approached me about this, it was a no brainer really."

Founded in 2011, SGP is a mid-sized paving company based in Turner Maine, specializing in MDOT roads, town roads, and large scale parking lots. Spencer Paving Group prides themselves in quality of work and superior craftsmanship.

"We are going to be working with Dennis and his team on some things around the speedway to help improve the physical plant for the upcoming race," said Mayberry. "SGP has done work for us before, and it has always been top notch."

Mayberry also noted some other special items were in store for the 50th edition of the Spencer Group Paving Oxford 250 that would be announced in the coming months. One such special event is the $100 lap leader program has been extended to $150 per lap. Under this celebration format, the lap leader will still receive the traditional $100 per lap led, but for the selected laps, position 2 will pay $30, and position 3 will pay $20. 50th 250 Lap Board HERE

"I think that is a pretty neat deal," said Spencer. "I know I have run 2nd or 3rd at times in some 250s and it would have been nice to collect some lap money for that. I'm glad to be a part of that this year."

A pedigree of notable racers over the previous years has made the Spencer Group Paving Oxford 250 one of the most prestigious short track races in the land that seems to sit on the bucket list of some of the most successful drivers. Notable national drivers like Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick entered and won well after their careers were established. Others like Ricky Craven and Chuck Bown used wins in the historic race to propel their careers forward.

"With the caliber of entries we have so far, I think this could be the most competitive 250 yet," said Mayberry.

No matter the background, every driver wants to etch their name in that trophy as the 50th all time winner of the Spencer Group Paving Oxford 250.

For more information on Spencer Group Paving visit spencergrouppaving.com, or call 207-225-2159.

For more information on Oxford Plains Speedway or tickets call the speedway office at 207-539-8865.

For the most up to date information oxfordplains.com
 or facebook.com/Official-Page-of-Oxford-Plains-Speedway.

For marketing opportunities as a part of the 250 or others please call 207-577-1836 or inquire at opsmarketing@yahoo.com.

TK & Sons Concrete Foundations Backing
Oxford 250 Weekend PASS MODS Races
Naples, ME -- Officials with the Pro All Stars Series (PASS) and PASS MODS have announced that TK & Sons Concrete Foundations Inc. has backed the pair of races slated for Oxford 250 weekend. The PASS MODS Series has been a part of the Northeast's biggest weekend in short track racing for over a decade and will pay the winners of each race $1000 with extra pay

"The PASS MODS series has always been a great part of the 250 weekend," said Pass president Tom Mayberry. "We see this year's doubleheader during the 50th edition of the Oxford 250 no different."

TK & Sons Concrete Foundations Inc. has been pouring concrete floors, foundations, driveways, and even recreational projects like pools and patio's for over 25 years. Based in Oxford, TK & Sons Concrete consistently works hard to provide clients with the absolute best end product and overall experience on every project.

"We really enjoy the PASS MODS Series, and wanted to do what we could to help them on their biggest race weekend of the season," said TK & Sons Concrete owner Tim Douglas. "PASS MODS put on some really good racing every year."

TK& Sons Concrete Floors is a family owned company that has been in business serving the Oxford Hills area and beyond for all of your concrete needs, retaining walls, and much more. TK & Sons has the experience to execute your vision.

For more information https://tksonsconcretefondationsinc.business.site
and https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100063610058472

The 50th Annual Oxford 250 weekend begins on Thursday August 24th with hauler parking and the kickoff party, followed by racing Friday night at 5pm. The Kennebec Equipment Rental PASS MODS presented by TK & Sons Concrete will make their first start of the weekend for the Saturday show at 4pm, and round out their weekend on Sunday at 1:30. www.Oxfordplains.com

For technical information concerning all PASS divisions please contact passracing@roadrunner.com.Don't forget to "Like" the Pro All Stars Series and the PASS MODS touring series on Facebook.

To take advantage of marketing opportunities at Oxford Plains Speedway please call 207-577-1836 or inquire at
SUNDAY, AUGUST 29th, 2021
2020 Oxford 250 Lap Board
PASS MODS 75 Lap Board
Clark Scores Elusive
Oxford 250 Win;
Taylor Left Wondering
Story by: Zach Evans, Speed51 Content Supervisor Twiter: @ztevans
Oxford, ME - After a pit road miscue during a lap 179 caution relegated Taylor to 10th, Clark took the lead from Alan Tardiff and led the rest of the way for his first Oxford 250 win in 16 attempts.

Finally climbing to the mountaintop at Oxford nearly rendered Clark speechless afterwards, reflecting on a wild year on and off the race track.

"It's unbelievable. It really is. I don't know what to say. It's been a crazy year. Honestly, the fact that it's been such a crazy year is probably why we're standing here."

"It's been stressful to be a good dad, be a good husband, and be the best race car driver you can be. The fact that I've been able to slow down a ton has been huge for me and huge for my family, everything, personally."

The victory was the culmination of a year's worth of effort for the six-time PASS North champion to finally score the elusive win.

"We worked so hard right from March," said Clark. "We've got an awesome relationship with Gary Crooks and Port City Race Cars. He has busted his a-- to get this company where it's at, and I'm reaping the rewards for it. We talked almost nightly; you can ask my wife.

Fans who missed Sunday's Oxford 250 can click here to watch an on-demand replay of Speed51's live broadcast of the race.
2020 Oxford 250 Lap Board
We were honored to have Bob Bahre as this year's 250 Grand Marshal. Thank you to Bob, Sandra and Gary Bahre for participating in this year's 250.

Thank you to the drivers and race teams for putting on a great race event throughout the weekend. We very much appreciate your support.

Thanks to the many fans who joined us for this great weekend of racing. We hope you enjoyed all the racing events of the weekend and the full 250 experience.

Special thanks to all the staff and officials who have worked tirelessly to make this event a success. They have worked extremely hard preparing for the race and throughout the race weekend making things run smoothly.

We look forward to welcoming you back to next year's 47th Oxford 250! August 28-30, 2020.

The Mayberry's

250 GREEN-FLAG LAPS for the Super Late Models
2019 250 LAP BOARD
1) 7 - Travis Benjamin - 250 Laps
2) 12g - Derek Griffith - 250
3) 60x - DJ Shaw - 250
4) 54 - Johnny Clark - 250
5) 15 - Mike Hopkins - 250
6) 53 - Cole Butcher - 250
7) 99 - Ben Ashline - 250
8) 13 - Cassius Clark - 250
9) 7g - Curtis Gerry - 250
10) 9t - Alan Tardiff - 250
11) 40vt - Nick Sweet - 250
12) 93ct - Ray Christian III - 250
13) 88x - Brandon Barker - 250
14) 23 - Dave Farrington Jr. - 250
15) 4 - Ben Rowe - 250
16 94 - Shawn Martin - 250
17) 29x Trevor Sanborn - 250
18) 72 - Scott Robbins - 250
19) 1vt - Evan Halstrom - 250
20) 59 - Reid Lanpher - 249
21) 29 - Austin Teras - 249
22) 90 - Craig Weinstein - 248
23) 36 - Ryan Robbins - 248
24) 8 - Calvin Rose - 248
25) 72x - Ryan Kuhn - 248
26) 24 - Mike Rowe - 247
27) 3c - Josh Childs - 246
28) 7L - Glen Luce - 246
29) 47 - Gabe Brown - 246
30) 97 - Joey Polewarczyk Jr. - 245
31) 44 - Rusty Poland - 245
32) 81 - Dan Winter - 245
33) 1 - Kyle Desouza - 245
34) 41 - Tracy Gordon - 244
35) 60 - Tim Brackett - 244
36) 94 - Garrett Hall - 240
37) 16 - Adam Gray - 239
38) 2 - Ashton Tucker - 233
39) 17ma - Eddie MacDonald - 228
40) 61 - TJ Brackett - 193
41) 15m - Jake Johnson - 179
42) 26 - Bubba Pollard - 165
43) 19 - Bryan Kruczek - 73
44) 14 - Scott McDaniel - 47

NAPLES, ME (July 12) - Pro All Stars Series (PASS) President and Oxford Plains Speedway owner Tom Mayberry is pleased to announce the 2019 Grand Marshall for the Oxford 250. Bob Bahre, former owner of Oxford Plains Speedway, has agreed to serve as the Grand Marshall for this year's event.

Bob Bahre purchased Oxford Plains Speedway in 1964. He ran it with his brother Dick Bahre until they sold it in 1987. It was under Bob's leadership that the first Oxford 250 came to be. It began in 1974 as a 200 lap event, being expanded to 250 laps the following year.

Bob and his family made many improvements to the track under his ownership. Bob is known as a successful businessman in the Oxford Hills area and beyond.

"We are extremely honored that Bob will be this year's Grand Marshall, 55 years after he took ownership of the track," said Tom Mayberry, the current owner of Oxford Plains Speedway.

Following his time at Oxford Plains, Bahre went on to build New England's only superspeedway in Loudon, NH, the New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

The 46th Annual Oxford 250 will be held on August 23-25 and nearly 50 PASS Super Late Models are currently entered. For additional information, please go to ProAllStarsSeries.com.
45th Annual
Clark's Scrap Metals

THE 250



2018 250 LAP BOARD
250 Photos at ProAllStarsSeries.com
1) 26 - Bubba Pollard - 250 Laps
2) 97 - Joey Polewarczyk Jr. - 250
3) 59 - Reid Lanpher - 250
4) 94 - Garrett Hall - 250
5) 73 - Joey Doiron - 250
6) 60 - DJ Shaw - 250
7) 7 - Travis Benjamin - 250
8) 15 - Mike Hopkins - 250
9) 88 - Brandon Barker - 250
10) 4n - Ben Rowe - 250 - 250
11) 17ma - Eddie MacDonald - 250
12) 96 - Wyatt Alexander - 250
13) 93 - Ray Christian III - 250
14) 23 - David Farrington - 250
15) 03 - Joe Squeglia - 250
16) 8 - Calvin Rose Jr. - 250
17) 47 - Kelly Moore - 250
18) 27 - Wayne Helliwell - 250
19) 40vt - Nick Sweet - 249
20) 94m - Shawn Martin - 249
21) 12g - Derek Griffith - 249
22) 54 - Johnny Clark - 249
23) 60b - Tim Brackett - 249
24) 42 - Kyle Reid - 249
25) 00 - Bryan Kruczek - 249
26) 53 - Cole Butcher - 249
27) 14 - Scott McDaniel - 249
28) 41 - Tracy Gordon - 248
29) 24 - Mike Rowe - 248
30) 57 - Austin Theriault - 248
31) 23s - Lonnie Sommerville - 248
32) 88t - Jeff Taylor - 247
33) 47x - Gabe Brown - 243
34) 29 - Austin Teras - 225
35) 7L - Glen Luce - 223
36) 13 - Cassius Clark - 215
37) 7g - Curtis Gerry - 205
38) 45 - Kodie Conner - 201
39) 72 - Scott Robbins - 131
40) 36 - Ryan Robbins - 131
41) 61 - TJ Brackett - 118
42) 9t - Alan Tardiff - 48
250 ENTRIES RECEIVED - OPS - 8/26/18
Bubba Pollard Prevails
in 45th Oxford 250

Georgia racer wins in first-ever
Oxford Plains Speedway appearance
2018 250 LAP BOARD
Oxford, Maine -- Bubba Pollard showed New England race fans that the reputation preceding him to the 45th Annual Clark's Scrap Metal Oxford 250 was much more than hype, winning the biggest one-day short track Super Late Model race in his first attempt Sunday at Oxford Plains Speedway. Pollard, from Senoia, Georgia, got his first look at the Speedway on Friday.

The definition of a true Super Late Model racing outlaw, Pollard, 31, convinced New England race fans that he's clearly among the best short track racers in North America, conquering the unique Oxford Plains Speedway racetrack in his first attempt. Pollard took the lead away from Travis Benjamin of Belfast, a two-time Oxford 250 champion in his own right, then outran another former 250 champion, Joey Polewarczyk, Jr. of Hudson, New Hampshire to the checkered flag.

Reid Lanpher of Manchester made a late charge into third position during the closing laps. Scarborough's Garrett Hall ended up in fourth place after dominating more than half the race from his pole starting position, earning some $20,00-plus with lap leader bonuses included. Berwick's Joey Doiron, a former PASS Super Late Model National Champion, rounded out the top five.

Pollard overcame a bad draw - he started dead last in the final of five heat races - and needed to run a second-round 20-lap qualifying race to earn 29th starting position in the 42-car starting field. Dealing with a field of unfamiliar foes in a race with traffic rivaled by few, if any, big Super Late Model races, Pollard made all of the right moves as he methodically moved into contention for the win.

A racer's racer, Pollard was impressive from the drop of the green flag, working his way into the top five during the long green flag stretch that opened the 250. Seemingly making all of the right moves in traffic as the Super Late Models frequently raced three-wide, the appreciative Maine crowd soon realized the third-generation Peach State racer was going to be a contender to pick up the big check at the end of the annual Maine classic.

In victory lane, Pollard expressed his appreciation to the crowd, as clearly he was jacked up and ready to perform before the full grandstand, increasingly rare in the smartphone age. The crowd returned the love, clearly appreciating the successful effort of the first-time OPS invader.

Polewarczyk, a winner during the brief Late Model era of the 250 and no stranger to victory lane in a Super Late Model at Oxford Plains Speedway, looked like a contender in the early stages and put together an impressive late charge into the runner-up position. Lanpher, twice a runner-up in the 250, claimed his third podium finish and 250 trophy.

Hall was the story for more than half of the race, leading all but a few laps for more than the first half of the 250, occasionally battling and swapping the lead with seven-time OPS track champion Jeff Taylor of Fairfield, making his first Super Late Model start of the year. The young Scarborough racer scored his best-ever racing payday, despite just missing out on a trophy, posting a fourth-place finish.

Doiron, an infrequent competitor on the region's top Super Late Model circuit this season, rounded out the top-five. Current Pro All Stars Series North championship points leader DJ Shaw of Center Conway, New Hampshire was sixth under the checkered flag, one spot better than his closest rival in the standings, Benjamin.

Mike Hopkins of Hermon raced among the leader throughout the 250-lapper and earned an eight-place finish. Brandon Barker of Windham ended up in ninth position , with the top ten rundown filled out by Ben Rowe of Turner, who claimed some lap leader bonus money and battled up front with winner Pollard for several laps.

Ben Tinker of New Gloucester padded his advantage atop the championship points standings in the PASS Mods ranks, winning his fifth 40-lap feature race of the year in an eventful race. Bruce Helmuth of Wales was the runner-up, followed by Milford, New Hampshire's Steve Dickey, Jr. The three podium finishers were also in those same spots at last year's Oxford 250 program.

Saturday night winner Spencer Morse of Waterford was fourth, followed by second-ranked points man Gary Shackford of Center Conway, New Hampshire. The Mods race next along with the PASS North Super Late Models at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway in Scarborough, Maine on Saturday, September 23 before wrapping up their championship season back at Oxford Plains Speedway on October 13.

Zach Audet of Norridgewock surprised virtually no one with his victory in the North East Mini Stock Tour's 50-lap race. Audet, the king of four-cylinder racing in Central Maine and beyond, outran Kodi Sabens of Windsor, Vermont to the checkered flag. Jimmy Childs of Leeds, survived several days of practice and a crash earlier in the afternoon to claim the third-place trophy. Michael Viens of Seekonk, Massachusetts and Sidney's Matt Glidden rounded out the top five.

Allen's Coffee Flavored Brandy Street Stock points leader Matt Dufault of Turner charged past Skip Tripp on the final lap to win the 30-lap main event for The Taste of Maine division, just barely edging the division's all-time wins leader at the finish line by .017-seconds, mere inches.

Tripp, hopping into John White's 12 car for the weekend, kept five-time winner and defending track champion Billy Childs, Jr., who had won on the previous night, at bay but couldn't keep Dufault out of victory lane before the healthy crowd. Championship contender Tyler King of Gray made a late charge into third position. Childs and fellow Leeds racer Kyle Hewins rounded out the top five.

John Childs of Leeds cruised up the outside lane and into the lead, then outran all rivals to score his first-ever Oxford 250 Sunday win in the Rebel class. Travis Lovejoy of Waterboro was closest to Childs as the checkered flag wavedWaterford's Jamie Heath, Oxford's Gerard Cote and Rick Montminy from Auburn filled out the top-five rundown.
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